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New 3D Print 1/12th scale chair

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When I had the idea of creating this website, one of the categories I was very excited about sharing was 3D printing. It really does have everything I am interested in. The opportunity to be creative, build something tangible, and use it for my toy dioramas. It’s such a great hobby! So to start with…

Where do I start?

You start by penciling in some rough ideas of what you are looking to build. I then create the basic shapes in Illustrator, making sure I have the proportions to my liking. Next, I extrude the shapes into Blender where I model the object out. When I am happy with the object, I begin to ready each section for 3D Printing.

Test print each piece

It is highly unlikely that your first print is perfect. Most of the time you will have to test each section out. Make sure it works as intended. If not, re-design. For this project, I wanted a simple chair. A few areas of glue to put together. Not overly complicated.


At this point, I am happy with the object. How it has been printed, how it comes together, and how it works for my intended purposes. From here I can begin to paint and add finishes to the project. Probably my favorite part of the whole build.

Final Result

This 1/12th scale 3d printed chair prints out in 4 different pieces. Connection points are easy to glue. Just a small amount of gorilla glue will get the job done. I kept the cushions grey but feel free to paint them to your liking. The seat frame was painted brown using Liquitex brown paint pen. I enjoy using these paint pens on 3D builds as they work amazingly well. And it really gives the frame a wooden look.

Once assembled, the chair is surprisingly sturdy. I had a great time sitting John Wick and Gung-Ho on it for toy photography.

If you decide to print this chair for your purposes, please share your results. I’d love to see if this gets out there. It also becomes my personal motivation for creating more 3D prints. Plus it builds the community! Send your results here.

If you are interested in seeing more, feel free to Follow me on Thingiverse!


approx. W 7.4 cm x H 10.4 cm x Z 7cm

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Tools Used on this Project

  • Liquitex Brown Paint Pen
  • Gorilla Super Glue
  • 1.75mm Grey Filament

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