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1/12th Scale Chicken Bucket

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The possibilities unlocked by 3D printing technology are truly endless, limited only by the boundaries of one’s imagination. This groundbreaking technique has been employed in an astonishing array of scenarios, from replicating broken parts and prototyping innovative designs, to simply breathing life into a creative idea. Regardless of the application, 3D printing is here to stay, providing an accessible, cost-effective entry point for everyone.

3D printing is not just about solving problems; it’s a gateway to enhancing countless hobbies. Consider the model train enthusiast who can construct intricate buildings, tracks, or realistic landscapes, or the Dungeons and Dragons fan creating bespoke, unique characters. The versatility of this technology is extraordinary.

For those like me who revel in the realm of toy accessories and dioramas, 3D printing is a game-changer.

Diorama Builds and Toy Accessories

3D printing brings an added level of intricacy and authenticity to diorama builds. It’s those minute details, such as Gung-Ho reaching for a piece of chicken or an arcade cabinet casually placed in the background, that make the scene more relatable, believable, and imbued with a sense of real-life storytelling.

Growing up, like most children, I was captivated by the tales of good versus evil that played out with my action figures. The aftermath of the battles was as much a part of the narrative as the fights themselves. Would my Joes go camping, settling around makeshift tents and fire pits? Or perhaps they’d hang out at Duke’s apartment? It’s this capacity for imaginative play that fuels my passion for 3D printing today.

Take the KFC Bucket as an example.

This compact, single-piece print might reveal slight imperfections upon close inspection. However, viewed from a normal distance, it adds a touch of realism that amplifies the authenticity of your Hasbro or McFarlane action figure scenes.

To refine the final product, I’m exploring options like adding primer and sanding before painting, which could easily smooth out those minor flaws. Alternatively, printing with a resin printer could deliver even more impressive results. Although I currently don’t own one, I’m eagerly anticipating the potential outcomes.

Whatever the approach, the 3D printing files are ready and waiting for you to test and experiment. Dive in, and let your imagination run wild – happy printing!


approx. W 2.5cm x H 2.5 cm x Z 2.5 cm

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Tools Used on this Project

  • Liquitex White Paint Pen
  • Liquitex Brown Paint Pen
  • Posca Yellow Paint Pen
  • Elmer’s Extra Stength Glue Stick
  • Laser Printer and Paper

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