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1/12th Scale Chicken Bucket

Tools Used on this Project

  • Liquitex White Paint Pen
  • Liquitex Brown Paint Pen
  • Posca Yellow Paint Pen
  • Elmer’s Extra Stength Glue Stick
  • Laser Printer and Paper
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3D printing opens the doors for so many different use cases. I have seen all sorts of different prints for all sorts of different things. Some use it to replace broken parts or prototype new designs. But whatever the case is, 3D printing is here to stay. It is easy and inexpensive to get into. And it complements so many other hobbies well. A toy train collector could build buildings, rails, or scenery. A Dungeons and Dragons enthusiast can create new characters! And for me…

Toy Accessories

3D Printing is perfect for adding details and accessories to my diorama builds. Little details like this can really add to the story in the picture. Seeing Gung-Ho reach in for a piece of chicken, makes the image more relatable and believable. Even the arcade cabinet in the background adds to the illusion.

When I was young, I would play with my action figures like most kids. There would be a big battle and the bad guys would lose. But afterward, what do they do? That was part of my play as well. As an example, my Joes would go camping. I would set up makeshift tents and a fire pit. Or on other occasions, they would hang out at Duke’s apartment. That ability to be imaginative is why I do these types of prints today.

KFC Bucket

This is a tiny one-piece print. Close photography will catch the imperfections. But at a normal distance, this looks great! Especially as filler accessories for your Hasbro or McFarlane action figures.

I have been looking for the possibility of adding some primer and sanding before paint. This would clear up those imperfections pretty quickly. Another option is to print this using a resin printer. At the moment I don’t have one but would be very interested in seeing the results.

In any case, the files are available for testing. Have fun!


approx. W 2.5cm x H 2.5 cm x Z 2.5 cm

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