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3D Print Jail Cell – Fully Printed

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If you had a chance to look at the 3D Model Jail Cell post last week, you’ll notice something different. In case you didn’t notice, I decided to remodel the entire thing. Why? I felt like my first attempt was a little over complicated. I didn’t want it to be such a pain to put together. So I changed up the design and really simplified the construction.On top of that, I gave myself the extra challenge of creating something you’ll be able to put together without any glue! Now before you get too excited, it did work but the connectors seemed to break a little too easily*. Even taking off the supports would cause some of the connectors to break. With that said, it could depend on print settings and the type of filament I am using. But it does come together without glue. You just have to be very careful. I will be adding glue to mine. To keep it strong and sturdy.I also dig this new design so much better. While testing it out, I put a couple of Cobra action figures behind bars and I was super satisfied with the look of the cell. Height wise it is a perfect fit. Another thing I was pleased with was the cell door. The swivel nub connections work great! The door swivels open and closes really smoothly. I will be using the nub connectors moving forward for any type of door mechanism. I may even update older models to take advantage of this design.Something I did have an issue with, however, was the locking mechanism. As I suspected, it was too small and broke right away as I pushed it off its supports. So I went back to the drawing board and made the lock a bit larger. And I’m happy to say, it works really well. Be warned though, it’s not easy to take it off its supports so be careful. But, I am glad I got it to work. I really want to differentiate my models by the fact they have moving parts. I love it when I see other 3D print creators take the time to add moving parts. It makes all the difference.The whole thing is pretty sturdy, but I would only use it as a display piece for my 6 inch action figures. Although if you were so inclined, doubling up the thickness would probably make this an easy play toy without too much issue.There are 22 pieces in total.

  • 1 door
  • 4 cage cell pieces
  • 12 connector joints
  • 4 corner joints
  • 1 ceiling piece

Putting it together would take about 10 min. Maybe less. Printing was about 12hrs in total. Again, depending on your settings. I would recommend adding glue to each connector joint and the corner joint. No glue for the ceiling piece as you would want to remove that to display your figures.I am in the process of creating a bench, toilet, and sink. To add to the diorama. Should look pretty cool by the time it’s all said and done.Feel free to download the STL files below. And send me some pictures of your setup.  I would love to share them on an future episode of ToyBeast! Also, please share, growing the community helps me justify the hard work on all these projects. Thanks for stopping by! Good luck with your build.

Got any suggestions? Feel free to comment below.

* I was using a quick print profile which could be the cause


approx. approx. 20cm by 20cm by 20cm

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