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The Ultimate G.I. Joe and Cobra Foot Locker!

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The Ultimate G.I. Joe and Cobra Foot Locker: Revolutionizing 1/12 Scale Figure Collecting

Update; This post seems to be getting a lot of attention, which is great! I just wanted to share that I have another 3D print in the works. And I’ll be ready to reveal it in the next few days. Make sure to subscribe and hit the notification button. That way you won’t miss out  And please share. Thanks fellow Joes!

Hello, fellow collectors and G.I. Joe fans! Today, I’m thrilled to share a game-changing creation that’s set to revolutionize the way we handle our beloved 1/12 scale figures. As passionate collectors, we all understand the thrill of acquiring those sought-after G.I. Joe Classified figures. But with great figures come a myriad of tiny accessories, often prone to vanishing into thin air (or the carpet monster). That’s where my latest “invention” comes in – a bespoke 3D printed foot locker, meticulously designed for your G.I. Joe and Cobra collections.

Innovation Meets Necessity

Born from the necessity of managing a growing array of accessories, this foot locker isn’t just a storage solution – it’s a collector’s dream. With its robust design, side handles, and a functional lid on a hinge, this locker isn’t just practical; it’s a testament to our love for these iconic figures. To top it off, the lid boasts the unmistakable G.I. Joe or Cobra logo, making it a standout piece in any collection.

Thoughtful Design for Ultimate Organization

Delving deeper, this foot locker’s interior is a marvel of organization. Featuring a tray that allows for two-tiered storage, it’s tailor-made to keep your figure’s accessories safe and sorted. No more frantic searches for that missing weapon or tiny gadget!

A Gift to the Community

Here’s where it gets even better. I’m not just showcasing this creation; I’m sharing it with all of you! Every subscriber gets free access to the 3D files required to print this foot locker. That’s right, it’s on the house! It’s my way of contributing to a community that’s brought me immeasurable joy and camaraderie.

Future Endeavors: Expanding the 3D Printed Universe

But wait, there’s more! This foot locker is just the beginning. I’m already brewing up new ideas for more 3D-printed accessories and storage solutions for 1/12 scale figures. Check out our 1/12 scale Jail Cell! Imagine customizable display stands, modular dioramas, or even intricate weapon racks. The potential is limitless, and I’m excited to explore every avenue to enhance our collecting experience.

Your Role in the Creative Process

And this journey isn’t just mine; it’s a collective adventure that belongs to each and every one of us in this vibrant collecting community. I’m not just a creator in this space; I see myself as a facilitator, eager to bring your brilliant ideas to life. That’s why I’m extending an open invitation to all of you: share your thoughts, dreams, and wild concepts for what 3D printing can bring to our world of 1/12 scale figures.

Imagine the possibilities! What would you like to see materialize next? Picture a sleek, custom-designed vehicle stand that not only displays your favorite vehicles but also features intricate details that complement the era and style of each vehicle. Or how about a series of themed backdrops? These could range from battle-torn landscapes to futuristic cityscapes, adding an immersive depth to every display.

But let’s not stop there. Think of modular diorama pieces that can be rearranged to create new scenes for every story you want to tell with your figures. Envision customizable weapon racks, showcasing your figures’ arsenal in style, or even detailed environmental pieces like command centers, barracks, or alien landscapes. The potential is endless.

Embracing the DIY Spirit

For the hands-on collectors with a 3D printer, you’re all set to bring these designs to life. For those without a printer, fear not. The beauty of 3D printing means you can easily find a service to print these designs for you. And the best part? You get to personalize them. From colors to size adjustments, make these prints truly your own.

Join the Collecting Revolution

This foot locker, and the many creations to follow, symbolize more than just organization; they represent innovation in the world of toy collecting. So, gear up, grab your files, and start printing! Let’s transform our collecting spaces into something extraordinary. Feel free to follow me at https://www.thingiverse.com/toybeast/designs.

Remember, this journey is more than about neatly storing accessories. It’s about celebrating our passion for collecting, embracing the thrill of customization, and keeping the spirit of G.I. Joe and Cobra alive and kicking. Together, let’s pave the way for a new era in figure collecting, one 3D print at a time!


approx. 4.8" long x 2.5"wide x 2.2" Deep

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