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Nintendo. Now your playing with power!

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Growing up in the ’80s

I wanted to share a blast from the past with you all today. I remember getting the Nintendo Entertainment System the second year it was released and it was a game changer. My best friend had gotten one a few months before and I remember all the neighborhood kids converging at his place to play NES Pro Wrestling. Whether it was a sleepover or a birthday party, we would all end up taking turns slamming each other on the digital mat. Star Man was my favorite!

It was a magical moment when we finally got our NES for Christmas Day. My cousin and I stayed up all night until 6 am the next morning playing Excite Bike. Little did we know then how much video games would change the future of home entertainment.

NES games were out of this world

In addition to “Excite Bike”, other classic games for the NES included “The Legend of Zelda”, “Metroid”, “Castlevania”, “Donkey Kong”, “Super Mario Bros.”, “Pac-Man”, and “Tetris”. These games were not only entertaining, but they also pushed the boundaries of what was possible in video games at the time. As a kid, I was hooked.

I remember playing Atari a few years earlier and the NES was so far beyond. To this day, I pick up my Switch and play some Contra or Castlevania when the feeling hits.

NES 3D print project!

On another note, I recently tried my hand at 3D modeling and printing. I wanted to choose something simple but recognizable. And what could be better than the good old NES? So I opened up Blender 3D and got to work. I was extremely pleased with the results. Although I did find that there were some imperfections in the print, they were not noticeable when viewed from a normal distance.  But they were there. I would suggest giving resin printing a shot if you’re interested in improving the overall detail.

Game Boxes and Cartridges

You can’t have an NES without games, right? The cartridges came out fantastic. So did the game boxes, but be forewarned, The game boxes are a little difficult to put together. Moreso because of their size. All worth it though. Especially if you want to add some detail to your dioramas.

I’ve included all STL files and artwork for you to make your own! Register here to download and send me a pic of your progress. I’ll share them here.

Lastly, What are some of your fondest memories of the NES? Share your thoughts and experiences below.

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