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Welcome to ToyBeast, your go-to destination for all things toys, action figures, and collectibles! We know how much fun it is to unbox and play with the latest and greatest, and we’re here to share that passion with you. Whether you’re a parent, an enthusiast, a collector, or simply a fan of toys, our blog is dedicated to providing you with the latest news, reviews, and recommendations for all things toys, action figures, and collectibles. From the newest releases to retro classics, we’ve got you covered. Our mission is to bring the excitement of childhood back to life and help you find the perfect toy for every occasion. So what are you waiting for? Let’s start the adventure!

ToyBeast began in 2020 as a small YouTube channel dedicated to..., you guessed it Toys! In actuality, it became a reason for me to learn some new software. Those being Adobe Premier, After Effects, Character Animator, and Blender. The first episode which premiered on April 3, 2020, featured a review of the McFarlane Toys Johnny Cage figure from Mortal Kombat. Looking back at it, it was pretty rough. Voice over was amateurish. The cuts were basic and the character was subpar. But I was happy with it because everything you saw and heard was produced by me. And what I really liked was the intro which I still use to this day.

As time went on, voiceovers improved, along with animation, editing, graphics, and the overall production value. But where things had not improved, well the frequency of the videos. And why?  A few reasons. Firstly, I hadn't found my proper niche yet. The first video had been a toy review, which was ok. But I wasn't doing anything better or different than any other toy reviewer on the platform. Then I tried an informative style video with snippets and callbacks to pop culture from the 80s. Stuff I grew up with. These were fun to produce. But they took a long time to put together. Lastly, I tried toy news. I thought I could come up with a simple formula. Search out toy news, curate it and write content. Then put the show together quickly. Well quickly became a 24-hour turnaround, which may not seem like a long time. But with a full-time job, this meant I had to work all weekend to produce a show. And with a wife and kids, this would not be possible. Now if I could go full-time doing this and quit my job. Now that would be a different story.

I am proud to say, think I may have found my niche. As i mentioned before, I like to learn new software. And about a year back, I started tinkering with 3D printing. Not only that, but modeling the stuff I printed too. I posted pictures on both Reddit and Instagram. The response has been well received. So that's it. Ill create 3d accessories that can be printed for 6 inch figures! I'll make videos about the process and give away the files for free! And that's where the website comes in. It will be a repository of all the 3D prints I will put together.

So welcome to this small insignificant space. A repository of 3D prints. A community of like minded individuals. A place where we can still make toys in an affordable way. I'm looking at you Hasbro! And a community of toy revolutionaries that will hopefully change the industry.

- ToyBeast