How to use the User Generated Checklist

A short tutorial on the user generated checklist feature.

Sign into your user account, go to the Checklist page from the menu. If you are signed in, you will see a button on the top left “create a list”. Clicking this button will bring you to the Create a Checklist form. From here you can add the title to your new list. Make the name informative so that you and others know what this Checklist is for. If you want to share your checklist you can click the checkbox to share it. This can always be updated later on. To add items, click the add items button. New fields appear for number, name, description, and image. Only number and name are required but adding descriptions and images make your lists that more engaging. You can of course add as many items as you’d like. When you’re done, click submit list. This will take you to the list page as it is now seen online. As the author however, you will see an edit list button which will bring you back to create a list form. Only the author of the form is able to edit it. If your form is shared, it will appear on the checklist page under the heading User Generated Checklists. If it is not shared you can get to your lists from the user profile page. From here you can click to your lists or delete it. User generated checklists work exactly like the regular checklists. All functionality is intact. If you come across any bugs or have ideas on how to make lists better, please leave a comment below. Enjoy!

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