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1/6 scale Motu Battle Cat

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I normally stick with 1/12th scale figures and accessories, but with the upcoming release of Mondo’s 1/6 scale Battle Cat, I couldn’t resist.

We just can’t miss talking about this beauty. I am enjoying the design aesthetics Mondo has brought to this line. Updating the designs to give them a modern look. But keeping just the right amount of classic details to keep even the most stringent fan satisfied.

Everything Mondo has done with this lineup of Masters of the Universe figures, makes me wish they had the license for the 1/12 scale figures as well.

Starting October 25th, 2022, Battle Cat will be up for preorder.

Check out the release photos.

There is no denying this is Battle Cat. It measures 18 inches long! Included are several accessories. Battle armor, interchangeable heads, and Cringer. We can’t forget about Cringer. Right Mattel? Basically, everything a seasoned Masters of the Universe collector would want. If they can afford it that is.

If you want to bring this bad boy home, be prepared to fork over USD 499!

It is a timed release. They will only be taking preorders between October 25th to November 1st.

Should be expected to arrive in hand spring/summer of 2023.

For more details, check out the official release from Mondo here

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