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1027 Hasbro Pulse Premium Event 2022 – Recap

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They kicked off the 1027 Hasbro Pulse Premium Event with GI Joe. Well, the Classified Series that is. They announced their next Classified figure, Chuckles. This is one character I don’t remember. But the Gi Joe line is deep with characters. Some are from the original animated series, the comics, and the newer incarnations. I’m bound to come across figures I don’t know.

Some good news, they opened up preorders for Dr. Mindbender and Serpentor again. If you missed it here’s your chance.

Next was Ghostbusters.  Nothing much to announce. They unboxed last year’s Ghostbusters proton pack Haslab. It made me regret not ordering one. For those who did order it, the unboxing and demonstration must have you giddy with anticipation.

Dungeons and Dragons followed. They revealed 6-inch figures for the upcoming movie. They also revealed a 1/12-scale Dragon too. Nothing overly impressive, but nice to see them giving this license some love.  Dicelings….transforming dice. Umm ok. They showcased some nerf weapons. As well as a new iteration of monopoly.  Because, why not.

Continuing the announcements, they revealed the NFL and NFLPA license for a future round of Starting Line up figures. No pictures or info on the first line yet.

Heroscape Age of Annihilation HasLab preview with gameplay followed by Magic The Gathering Gauntlet is up for preorder now.

In Marvel Legends news, they shared some new carded figures. Luke Cage, Spider-Women, and Doom. All under the Kenner vintage card back.

The Fantastic Four also coming to the Kenner card back in 2023.

They focused some time on the Ghost Rider Haslab. Revealing a new tier character. Daimon Hellstrom. 12,000 backers get it all. Unfortunately, I don’t believe this will turn the tide.

Some more Marvel Legends reveals gave us Wonder Man Avengers Series, Yelena Belova, Von Strucker – double pinless.

A Marvel Legends VHS Double Pack. Carnage Animated Deco with alt hands, and Spider-Man with alt hands and blue animated highlights.

Saving the best for last. Hasbro revealed some great stuff, for both the Black Series and the Vintage Collection.

Beginning with 40th-anniversary retro figures. A new Luke Skywalker force FX Light Saber. Artillery troopers coming for the vintage collection in spring 2023. Din Djarin Morak, The Mandalorian, summer 2023.

On the Gaming greats front, we are getting another Cal Kestis with BB1. And our favorite bounty hunter, ROTJ Boba Fett’s 40th Anniversary Carded rounds out the Star Wars reveals.

There was more announced on both the Power Rangers front and The Transformers. If you are interested in watching all the action take place, Hasbro has made it available on YouTube here.

Closing off this re-cap Hasbro keeps things moving forward with some 2023 highlights. Nothing overly exciting this time around. But releases are steady.

Check out the preorders on Hasbro Pulse now!

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