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Contest Announcement!

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Big news coming your way! We’re super excited about the rollout of our shiny new forum, and it’s been amazing to watch our family grow day by day with more subscribers and eyes on our site. But, we’ve noticed something – our community buzz isn’t buzzing quite as loud as we want it to. We’ve got all the pieces for an awesome online hangout, and now, we’re on a mission to turn up the volume on engagement. How, you ask? With a super cool contest that’s all about getting everyone involved and making some noise!

We know our collector community is a colorful mix of interests, so sticking to just one prize category? Nah, not our style. We’re whipping up a treasure trove of prizes, so the lucky winner gets to pick their perfect prize. Excited yet?

Here’s the lowdown: The heartbeat of this contest is our website’s point system. Jump into forum chats, add your two cents to discussions, snag some upvotes, and watch those points roll in. And here’s the game-changer – blasting content on your socials is your express lane to racking up a ton of points.

Throughout the contest, swap those points for entries. More entries mean better chances to win. And when the contest wraps up, we’ll pick a winner at random. Easy and exciting, right?

Today, March 1st is when the fun begins.

Ready for the prize reveal? The lucky winner gets to pick one of these gems:

  • G.I. Joe Classified Low Light
  • G.I. Joe Classified Firefly
  • DC Multiverse Joker
  • DC Multiverse Knight Wing
  • Star Wars Black Series Rebel Trooper (Hoth)
  • Star Wars Black Series Aura Sing
  • An exclusive 3D Printed Grab bag with a 12th scale Donkey Kong Arcade and Ghetto Blaster

We’re calling all ToyBeast.ca crew to dive in, crank up your engagement, and stack up those points. Let’s get this party started! Tickets can be traded in for points on your profile page. The contest runs through until March 31st. Good Luck!

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