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Gargoyles – Ultimate Steel Clan Robot

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“One thousand years ago, superstition and the sword ruled…”

Gargoyles The Animated Series

Gargoyles is an animated television series that aired from 1994 to 1997. It follows the adventures of a group of gargoyles, mythical creatures who turn into stone during the day and come alive at night, as they protect their adopted home in New York City. The show was well-received by viewers due to its unique mix of elements such as science fiction, fantasy, action-adventure, and comedy. Its dark themes and complex characters made it stand out among other cartoons on air at the time.

Gargoyles Collectible Action Figures

The NECA Ultimate Steel Clan Robot is an amazing collectible from the Gargoyles animated series. This 7-inch scale features a fully articulated body with intricate details.

In the animated cartoon, David Xanatos created the Steel Clan, powerful machines with exteriors resembling gargoyles and Goliath in particular. They were used when facing off against Goliath and the gargoyle clan.

Currently, the line includes Goliath, Demona, Hudson, Brooklyn, Thailog, Broadway, and everyone’s favorite Bronx. As well as accessories such as swords, wings, and more.

This piece is sure to be a hit among fans of both the show and action figure collecting alike! Whether you’re looking for something to display on your shelf or use in playtime adventures, this Ultimate Steel Clan Robot has everything you need for hours upon hours of fun!

A Closer Look at Design Details

When it comes to detail work, NECA really went all out when designing their ultimate steel clan robot. Every aspect was carefully thought out; from its signature gargoyle-like face down to its realistically robotic panels along its body – nothing was left untouched by these talented sculptors! Even better yet? Each part can move independently thanks to multiple points of articulation so that no pose will ever look exactly like another’s – giving every collector who owns this piece truly unique poses each time they decide to switch things up around their home or office space! In addition, each figure included within the set boasts incredible paint applications which further bring them alive. Not only do we get vibrant colors but light reflection effects too (such as metallic sheens) adding depth to our collection pieces!

For those curious about what else makes up this awesomely designed pack: there are a few weapons available here too including two gauntlet blasters, 3 pairs of alternate hands, and 3 thruster blast effects, allowing collectors everywhere to create dynamic battle scenes between characters.

Last but certainly not least let’s talk price point, shall we? For roughly $42 USD give or take depending on where purchased, online/offline retailers have made owning these highly sought-after figures much easier on everyone involved.

What Makes This Figure So Special?

The deeper Neca goes into this license, the more excited we get over each new reveal. What is also nice is seeing the amount of new sculpts we have seen in this line, with the exception of Thailog which is a re-colored Goliath.

The size of the Ultimate Steel Robots is an impressive 8+ inches high. They are massive and imposing in your display. Getting this one in hand is going to be fantastic. Looking forward to reviewing this one.

This one is a must-have…but should I get more then 1?

In conclusion, Neca’s Ultimate Steel Clan Robot represents one impressive collectable based off the classic 90’s cartoon franchise ‘Gargoyles’. Not only does it feature detailed artwork accurate representations but also includes several useful accessories to help recreate iconic battles! So the question is, do I buy more then one? Much like the Cobra B.A.T., the Ultimate Steel Robots are army builders. The images shared here show 3. Oh and they looks so good together. I may have to pull the trigger on a set.

All things considered if you grew up watching the Gargoyles cartoon in the 90’s or if you are into great looking figures, this one is a can’t miss.

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