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Ghost Rider Engine of Vengeance

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Let’s talk about the most recent Hasbro Haslab, Shall we? The Ghost Rider Engine of Vengeance has had a treacherous last few weeks. Fans are polarized between those that want the vehicle in their collection and those who feel the price is too damn high. The Haslab team for their part has tried to entice fans with an early bird special. It failed. They then mixed and shuffled two stretch goals. The goblin queen, Madelyne Pryor, and the devil himself, Mephisto. Even with these pretty decent stretch goals, the campaign has stalled. Currently sitting at 4881 backers at the time of this writing.

So what’s going on?

Now let’s preface this by saying this is only my opinion. I’m in no way an expert. The only thing I bring to the table is that I’m an average collector on an average budget.

OK, First off, yes the price is an issue. There are several comparisons online. I tend to collect 1:18 die-cast vehicles. They run about $100 – $120. Or how about The 2016 Batmobile RC at $250. That’s a comparison you just can’t ignore. It also came with a figure. On top of that, I got mine for $129.99 when it went on clearance.

Secondly, Ghost Rider is an awesome character. As popular as the Xmen? No. Spider-Man? No. Iron Man? You get the point. He is a niche character. I remember collecting the comic back in the early 90s. It sold well but nowhere near what the top comics were doing. He is a second-tier character, along with the Punisher and Luke Cage. On top of that, they chose to do the Robbie Reyes iteration over Johnny Blaze.

Now don’t get me wrong. Engine of Vengeance – I do like that name – looks awesome. But it does lack some details.  As I mentioned before,  I collect die-cast cars. Most have a connected steering column, and light effects and you just can’t ignore the fact that they are made out of metal!

So what’s it missing?

Sound effects. The hum of an engine, maybe some screams of trapped souls. Or even the crackle of hellfire. This wouldn’t have taken much to do. And at this price point, we have to mention, it could have been an RC. Could you imagine? Now we’re talking. Unfortunately, it’s not. It just falls short.

Now for those who are still backing the project,  I get it. If I had a little more disposable income, I’d be right there with you.

This brings us to our third and final point, price hikes. Hasbro has been raising prices faster than any other toy company in existence. Sure, Super7, Neca, and SHFiguarts were already charging more. But they are smaller companies with fewer manufacturing capabilities. Hasbro on the other hand is producing far more and distributing far more than those brands. “Well, the price of plastic is going up or the development cost is more. Maybe the cost of licensing.” Yes, they all play a factor. But then explain McFarlane Toys.

These price hikes have caused collectors to be a little more particular in their spending. I mean It has with me.

So as cool as the Ghost Rider Engine of Vengeance is, I will have to pass. And for my fellow collectors who are backing the project. Good luck my friends. if it does get funded, you’ll have a rare gem in your collection. And at the end of the day. Isn’t that why we got into collecting in the first place?

The Engine of Vengence Haslab is available here

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