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New GI Joe Classified DragonFly HasLab Announced!

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The Gi Joe Classified DragonFly Haslab

Update: The DragonFly has been funded in 2 days! Stretch goals to come!

On Monday, June 5th, the GI Joe June HasbroPulse Fan Stream delivered a pleasant surprise – their second stream this month! Could Hasbro have something even bigger in store for us to finish off the month of June? Or is it possible that Hasbro was trying to stay ahead of the competition as Valaverse is slated to release a vehicle this month as well? Whatever the reason, the wait is over – after months of speculation, we finally get to take a look at the GI Joe Classified DragonFly! Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to get an up-close look at the latest and greatest GI Joe vehicle. The GI Joe June HasbroPulse Fan Stream is here and it’s time to get your GI Joe fix!

A 1/12 scale 2 man Helicopter!

The Hasbro Team did not disappoint. This thing is massive! And better yet, it comes at a price point of 274.99. That’s $25 cheaper than last year’s HissTank HasLab.

Be amazed by this incredible collectible! The team has also gone the extra mile and created a 3D-printed resin prototype that allows you to see the scale, accessories and details up close. And as if that isn’t enough to get you excited, the collectible also comes with Wild Bill in 6-inch classified goodness – a true masterpiece! Don’t miss out on this one-of-a-kind opportunity to own something truly special.

So let’s get into the details.

GI Joe DragonFly Demensions

It’s time to make some room for this massive 2.5 Ft long, 13.77″ deep, and 11.33″ high copter! This amazing copter comes with working rotor blades. It boasts a number of light-up combinations used in the cockpit and the copter’s outer shell – all of which will provide hours of entertainment. The command cockpit is elaborately detailed, with a 4-point harness to fit up to two Joes, an instrument control panel with backlighting, and floor-mounted control stick and throttle controls. And if that wasn’t enough, this copter also has a Gull-wing canopy that detaches for ease of use and playability.

For armaments, this thing is stacked! It includes 2 Creeper missiles, 2 70mm unguided rocket launchers, 2 Jester Missle racks to hold 8 Jester Missles, and lastly Removable laser-guided stationary 160MM Cannon Pod with belt-fed ammo! A 25MM Dragonbreath Rotary Nose Cannon with rotation and pivot. And finally, twin X-551 Mini-Cannon details below the cockpit increase the XH-1’s powerful attack capabilities.

The details keep right on coming. It also boasts a working hoist. For those times you gotta pull your Joes out in a hurry! 6 Blast effects, 2 small effects for the mini cannons, 2 medium effects that attach to the Cannon Pod, and some super impressively large effects for the creeper missiles.

Some more details to point out are removable access panels revealing engine details. Movable V tail wing, Adjustable stabilizer wings, Counter rotating coaxial turbine, and Engine cover exhaust vents.

Another nice feature is the massive clear display stand. The transparent 10-inch-high display stand has a 15-degree angle allowing you to pose your Attack Copter at 2 different angles. Lastly, they also provide you with a sticker sheet to allow you to customize your Dragonfly the way you see fit.

The classified action figure is phenomenal as well. Wild Bill comes with a number of great accessories. A ten-gallon hat, a knife, two pistols, sunglasses, and a swappable toupee. His belt and vest are also removable! He is a great-looking figure.

Stretch Goals.

Like all HasLabs, the Dragonfly must meet a goal of 10k backers to go into production. As of the time of this writing, the project has gotten 8166 backers already. Yo Joe! I expect it to be funded by day 2. And fully funded with all stretch goals within 2 weeks.

10k Stretch Goal Night Force Rip Cord

At 13k backers, NIGHT FORCE RIPCORD has been announced. The other stretch goals are still a mystery but are set to 16k and 19k.

In conclusion, the unveiling of the GI Joe Classified DragonFly on the GI Joe June HasbroPulse Fan Stream has been an exciting moment for fans and collectors alike. This spectacular piece of craftsmanship, with its intricate details, light-up features, extensive armaments, and a slew of other unique attributes, showcases the epitome of toy development and design. At a competitive price point, it has also brought to life the classic character of Wild Bill in 6-inch classified splendor, complete with a wealth of accessories.

While the DragonFly must still meet its crowdfunding goals to go into production, the initial response has been overwhelmingly positive. The inclusion of stretch goals such as the NIGHT FORCE RIPCORD further augments the anticipation and intrigue surrounding this project. As we approach the end of June, the GI Joe Classified DragonFly stands as a testament to Hasbro’s dedication to delivering high-quality, engaging, and memorable products to its fan base. Whether you’re a long-standing GI Joe aficionado or a novice to the franchise, this new addition to the Classified Series is undoubtedly an opportunity not to be missed.

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