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GI Joe June kicks off with some spectacular pre-orders!

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update: as of 6pm ET June 8th 2023, both Tiger Force Dusty and Python Crimson Gaurd are available again on HasbroPulse 

On Thursday, June 1st, HasbroPulse commenced a brief live stream to launch Gi Joe June, an observance dedicated to all things GI Joe. Every Monday throughout June, another live stream will take place, featuring new pre-orders and some new figure announcements, culminating in the unveiling of the new GI Joe Classified Has Lab project!

To Start things off, we got 4 new pre-orders. The Arctic B.A.T., Python Crimson Guard, Tiger Force Dusty, and the highly anticipated Tele-viper & Cobra Flight Pod (Trubble Bubble).

GI Joe Classified Arctic B.A.T

The first three figures are repaints of figures that were previously released. The exception is the Arctic B.A.T., which includes a variety of unique accessories. The Arctic B.A.T. figure looks particularly impressive, having been initially teased in the background slate for the release of the Snow Job figure. This repainted figure is well-constructed, with its white, grey, and metallic parts expertly combined. Furthermore, the blue accent of the chest panel is particularly eye-catching. Additionally, the chainsaw arm appendage and the artic sniper rifle are delightful additions, but the alternate head is especially noteworthy. All in all, this figure is a must-have for any collection.

GI Joe Classified Python Crimson Guard

This figure has been completely re-used and repainted with no new accessories included. However, the new paint applications do give it a more eye-catching appearance. In addition, the checkered design on the front is quite unique and serves as an aesthetically pleasing touch. The accessories have also undergone a transformation, with painted handles and additional details added.

GI Joe Classified Tiger Force Dusty

I find the repaint of Tiger Force Dusty to be highly appealing. The incorporation of green and yellow into his design makes for a harmonious display when paired with the other Joes on the shelf. Furthermore, the Tiger Force Stripes serve as a unique identifier to signify a Tiger Force soldier. Additionally, the new paint applications on his weapons, such as the darker backpack and the addition of green to his SMG, are noteworthy improvements. All in all, this repaint is a welcome addition to the Tiger Force Line.

GI Joe Classified Tele-viper & Cobra Flight Pod (Trubble Bubble)

Truthfully, this was precisely what we had been expecting: another figure and vehicle. The Trubble Bubble did not disappoint. The Tel-Viper featured a classic blue and purple design, as well as a number of accessories, including a grenade launcher, a backpack with purple detailing, and two alternate heads. While inclusion is admirable, it would have been nice to have different sculpts for the alternate heads, rather than just a Caucasian and an African American repaint. The third head sculpt, with a VR headset, provides the figure with a more menacing look. The Trubble Bubble is a faithful recreation of its animated counterpart and looks superb. It features removable missiles, a bottom laser cannon on a swivel hinge, and various other details. The cockpit is easily accessible, with the top clear plastic being on a hinge, allowing the figure to be strapped in with ease. In flight, it is truly a sight to behold and a great addition to the series.

Rant: Hasbro, why do you hate Canada?

Ahh the joys of collecting the G.I. Joe line, it’s been quite a wild ride! It all started with those pesky exclusives to certain box stores or HasbroPulse exclusives that sold out in minutes. Talk about a bummer! But Hasbro’s done a great job in giving us a better chance of getting those figures before they hit the second-hand market.

My first misstep was with the Arctic Storm Shadow through Amazon Canada. I placed my order the day of the pre-release, only to be canceled a week before delivery. Talk about a bummer! The Baroness and Cycle were almost impossible to get in Canada until about a year later when Toys R Us got flooded with them. I guess it was a good thing they never sold out, otherwise I’d still be waiting to get them.

I was so excited when I heard that I could watch live streams as they happened, but then I realized they were happening right in the middle of my work day. I’m sure I’m not the only one who struggles to find time to step away from work and enjoy the streams. To make matters worse, pre-orders are set for 1pm for premium members and 2pm for non-premium members. So if I can find the time to sneak away for a few minutes, I’m in good shape. But most of the time, I’m not so lucky. Recently, I was in an important meeting that I couldn’t get out of, so I missed out on pre-orders. It sucks. I did hear they’re available on Target, but they won’t accept Canadian Credit Cards. Why, Target, why?

My only alternative was to use a service like MyUS.com. You can ship from American shops that won’t ship to Canada at an extra cost. And lucky for me, they do the same in the UK which is where I found the figures still available on HasbroPulse UK. Another thing I found out, UK customers get free shipping if they spend 75£ or more. In Canada, we are forced to order from HasbroPulse  US where we are charged a standard fee of $26.99USD no matter how large or small your order is.

Well, here I am, at the mercy of Hasbro and their outrageous practices. It looks like I’m gonna have to fork over close to $150 CAD to get these two figures I want. Geez, you’d think they’d throw in some shipping and taxes for free! And, of course, this all happened on the day I couldn’t get away from work. Talk about bad timing! I guess I’ll just have to hope I can find them somewhere else, so I can cancel my order and score a better deal. C’mon Hasbro, there has to be an easier way!

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