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Hasbro Pulse Fan Stream Indiana Jones Action Figures

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This week Hasbro revealed a number of new toys and figures for the Indiana Jones license.  All in anticipation of the new Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny releasing this spring.

A few notable items were the retro-style figures, a toy whip, and some Worlds of Wonder toys for the young ones.

But as always, we are interested in the collector’s 6-inch action figures. And Hasbro didn’t disappoint.

Indiana Jones (Club Obi-Wan)

The first, reveal was Indiana Jones in the dapper get-up he wore at the beginning of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. This was a great choice by Hasbro. The figure details and accessories look great!

Indiana’s likeness is spot on. A lot better than last year’s Indy figures.

For accessories, it is packed with a vile of antidote, a jewel, a sword, and a flaming chicken skewer. I love that Hasbro has been adding more accessories for these figures. It makes for fantastic displays.

Walter Donovan

Another bad guy was added to the lineup. Walter Donovan, was a wealthy American industrialist, and collector of antiquities. Who allied himself with the Nazis in order to get the Holy Grail. The guy who chose poorly if you remember the ending of the film.

The figure is outstanding! Again, the details look great. It oozes the character’s better than you attitude. One of Jones’s truly equal antagonists.

This one is packed with an alternate ‘zombie’ head, pistol, stone tablet, and the false Holy Grail.

Indiana Jones (Professor)

The third reveal was Indy as his alter ego, Professor Jones. Again the figure looks fantastic. Harrison Ford as an action figure beyond Han is a welcomed sight for this collector.

This Indy is packed with a torch, a diary, and the crusader shield. The details and paint apps on the shield are impressive. Can’t wait to get this one in hand.

Pipeline reveals

Lastly, they revealed several figures coming in the near future. These included 3 figures from the Temple of Doom film and 2 for the new Indiana and the Dial of Destiny film.

First was Indiana in his tattered outfit from the end of Temple of Doom. The moment when he chooses to cut the rope bridge.

The second was the one I was hoping for. Short Round finally gets a proper 6 inch figure!

In the third reveal, we get another Indy figure. Hypnotized Indy from the midpoint of Temple of Doom.

The last 2 figures are from the new film and include an older Indiana Jones as well as a new character, Helen Shaw. We will know more about these figures as the movie gets closer to release.

So far the lineup looks great. If I had one critique is that they are making way too many Indy figures. In this reveal alone I count 5 new Indiana Jones figures. As much as I like Indy, let’s go in deeper with the lineup. The retro line included the plane mechanic, he would be great as a 6-inch figure.

Where to get them

Indiana Jones (Club Obi-Wan)
Retail Exclusive:

  • Target  in the US (preorders open now)
  • Toys R Us in Can
  • Fan retailers and Amazon in Germany & Austria
  • Fan retailers in France, UK, Spain, & Italy

Walter Donovan
Retail Exclusive:

  • Walmart  in the US and Can
  • Fan retailers in Spain, France, UK, Italy, Germany & Austria

Indiana Jones (Professor)
Retail Exclusive:

  • Walmart  in the US and Can
  • Fan retailers and Amazon in Germany & Austria
  • Fan retailers, Ecomm, & Toy Specialty in France & UK
  • Fan retailers in Spain & Italy

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