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Hasbro Pulse Fanstream : New G.I. Joe Action Figures Revealed

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G.I. Joe Classified Fan Stream Recap: Exciting Reveals and Pre-Orders

After a canceled fan stream in February,  the G.I. Joe team came out swinging this week with some of the most exciting reveals and preorders of the year. From name-only reveals to pre-rendered reveals and pre-order releases, the G.I. Joe line has something for everyone. In this blog, we will discuss the highlights of the event, from the figures to their accessories and design.

G.I. Joe Classified “name only” reveals

They began by presenting us with a few “name-only” reveals, starting with Quick Kick, Big Boa, and Mutt with his trusty companion Junkyard. Personally, I have been eagerly anticipating Quick Kick’s debut, so this news is quite exciting. As for Big Boa, it’s a fascinating reveal considering how unconventional his design was – a Cobra Boxer wearing a helmet that looks like it’s from Mad Max. It will be intriguing to see how the new design team interprets and updates this character. However, Mutt and Junkyard are sure to be a crowd-pleaser.

G.I. Joe Classified Pre-rendered reveals

The subsequent reveals were presented as pre-renders, which they referred to as “render reveals.” First up was Tunnel Rat, whose renders looked fantastic. As with all the other Joes in this line, he came with an impressive array of accessories, including optics, a backpack, various weapons, and a knife. The paint job was flawlessly applied, and the details were intricate.

The second reveal was an updated version of Firefly, which was closer to the classic design but with several excellent enhancements. His weapons included an SMG, a pistol, a backpack, night vision goggles, a detonator with bombs, and a slick radio-controlled vehicle.

Following Firefly was Lowlight, who also looked impressive. As a sniper, he came with a disassembling sniper rifle that could be stored in the included rifle bag. Yes a rifle bag! Additionally, he included goggles, a backpack, a knife, and an SMG.

Just when you thought the team couldn’t top these reveals, they introduced a character that took everyone by surprise – Shadow Tracker. This final render reveal was one that caught many off guard, as not many were familiar with the character before the unveiling. Nevertheless, Shadow Tracker looked undeniably cool, with an air of mystery surrounding him. He came with two masks – a clear mystic mask and a skull mask – along with a tech bow and a backpack filled with arrows, a hatchet, and a knife.

The render reveals were great. Giving us fans something great to look forward to in the future.

G.I. Joe Classified Pre-Order Reveals

Copperhead was the first figure to be revealed, with a nice Deco featuring toned-down green that blends perfectly with the line. He comes equipped with a couple of pistols, a blunted machete, and a backpack containing a scoped pistol.

The next figure to be unveiled is a repaint of Bazooka, sporting his original classic colors. The figure will come bundled with his iconic bazooka, rockets, a backpack to hold the rockets, and a helmet. The decals on some of the rockets add a nice touch.

Following Bazooka is Torpedo, who looks awesome with an all-new sculpt. The figure comes with a spear, a gun, a face mask connected to a scuba gear backpack, and flippers, making him loaded with accessories.

Shipwreck, one of my all-time favorites, was also revealed, with a classic yet perfectly updated design that hits all the nostalgic points. He comes with two pistols, a sailor’s hat, a removable hairpiece, and an anchor/grappling hook.

“Rock ‘n Roll” looks fantastic, dressed in a green and beige color scheme with a crossing bullet bandoleer. His tattoos on both arms, as well as a detailed skull tattoo on his hand, are standout features. The figure comes with a helmet, a pistol, an extra set of hands, a bandoleer, and a heavy machine gun.

The team at Hasbro did an excellent job with all the figures, but there’s more!

The deluxe set offering introduced the next reveal, Scrap Iron. This figure boasts a distinct cobra look, thanks to the toned-down blues and reds, and features impressive details throughout. Notably, the facial detail stands out due to the scarring on one side, likely from an explosion, given that Scrap Iron is an explosives expert.

What sets this figure apart, however, is the remote control anti-tank missile launcher that comes with it. The launcher is fully articulated, with launch bays that can hold missiles, and the team even included launch and blast effects for added realism. This offering is reminiscent of the vintage Joe line, providing a little more bang for your buck.

In addition to the missile launcher, Scrap Iron comes equipped with a helmet, pistol, and remote. Overall, this figure is a fantastic addition to any collection.

The next item in the lineup was the Cobra Valkyries 2 pack, which is similar to the Viper pack previously released, except that the figures in this pack are female. The load-outs of both figures are equally impressive, and they are both dressed in classic cobra fatigues.

To distinguish between the two figures, one has black load-outs, while the other has desert beige load-outs. These load-outs include a variety of weapons such as pistols, machine guns, and knives, as well as blast effects, backpacks, a helmet, and a gas mask. These figures are not only impressive in their design but are also perfect for building up an army of Cobra troops.

To conclude the stream with a bang, the final figure available for pre-order was Snow Job, and it certainly did not disappoint. The level of detail on this figure is exceptional, with off-white heavy winter gear and brown belts and pouches that help bring out the intricate design.

However, what truly sets Snow Job apart is the impressive array of accessories that come with it. The figure includes an alternate head, multiple hoods (one up and one down), ski poles, ski goggles, skis, sniper rifle, snow shoes, pistol, and backpack, all of which can be stowed on the figure. It’s truly remarkable.

For the sharp-eyed collectors out there, there was also a little surprise in the diorama images for Snow Job – a couple of Snow Bats can be spotted in the background. It appears that they will be added to the line soon, so stay tuned.

Yo Joe!

In conclusion, the GI Joe fan stream was a huge success, providing fans with exciting reveals and pre-orders of some of the most highly anticipated GI Joe figures of the year. From the name-only reveals to the pre-rendered reveals and pre-order releases, the G.I. Joe team showed that they have something for everyone. Each figure was expertly designed with intricate details and a vast array of accessories, and the team at Hasbro went above and beyond to provide fans with the ultimate G.I. Joe experience. With figures like Quick Kick, Shadow Tracker, Copperhead, Scrap Iron, and Snow Job, the line is sure to continue to be a hit with fans and collectors alike. Overall, the G.I .Joe fan stream was a huge success and is a testament to the enduring popularity of the G.I. Joe brand.

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