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The Marvel Legends Team Unveiling the Latest Collectibles

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The Marvel Legends Team: Unveiling the Latest Collectibles

Marvel Legends fans, get ready for a thrilling ride as Hasbro has unveiled the 2023 line-up of Marvel Legends action figures! The Marvel Legends team has gone above and beyond to bring the most iconic and classic characters to life with new and updated designs. From superheroes to villains, the new line-up has it all.

The team first started the stream with some earlier shown and up-for-pre-order figures. Let’s get to those first.

The Avengers Wave 2023: Puff Adder Wave

The Iron Man Extremis armor figure is a new sculpt that looks amazing, and the Ultimates-inspired Captain America is also a great addition to the collection. But, there are some villains in this wave that shouldn’t be passed on. Baron von Strucker has a cool look with a scarf piece and gauntlet, while Molecule Man is the first Marvel Legends Molecule Man. By acquiring the Puff Adder Build-A-Figure, you can expand your Serpent Society lineup. As demonstrated in the live stream, Puff Adder’s impressive stature makes it an excellent inclusion to your collection, towering over the other members.

X-Men: The Ch’od Wave

The X-men Ch’od wave comes with a Ch’od BAF and his little buddy Cree. We’ve got some great figures included in this wave, including a fantastic Cyclops in his astonishing look, as well as Emma Frost and Corsair from the Starjammers in his classic comic book duds. We also have M Monet, a much-requested figure for fans of Gen X. This wave is still available for pre-order and will be shipping out later this year.

Ant-Man Quantumania Wave: The Movie Figures

The Ant-Man Quantumania wave is a mixed wave, and due to the movie release date being moved up, the pre-order had been pushed up as well. The movie figures, including Ant-Man, Hope, Kang the Conqueror, and the Build-A-Figure Cassie Lang, look amazing. The figures come with separate helmets and clear visors, and Cassie has an action ponytail. And being a mixed wave, included as well as a new Ultron figure, Egg Head, and Futuristic Ant-man, and to finish the wave, we have CrossFire.

The build-a-figure for this wave is great, not so great is having you buy a mixed wave to do so.  But we can chat about that in a different post.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3: Movie Figures

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 is one of the most highly anticipated movies of the year, and Hasbro Marvel Legends has just unveiled a new wave of action figures for the movie. The new wave includes characters like Kraglin, Adam Warlock, Star-Lord, Nebula, Groot, Drax, Rocket, Mantis, and Cosmo as this waves build-a-figure. The figures have a lot of detail and articulation, and Cosmo is especially impressive with full articulation, including the ability to move her head and tail. The new Groot figure is also worth noting, with wings and extra accessories.

For a full rundown on this new wave, click here for our Guardians of the Galaxy V.3 feature.

The New Reveals!

Spider-Man Wave

In addition to the Guardians of the Galaxy figures, new Marvel Legends teased some brand new Spider-Man comic wave figures! The first figure is Ben Reilly Spider-Man in his new red and black suit. This figure is superposable with full articulation, including toe articulation! That’s right, even his toes can move! The next release is Ben Reilly’s alternate version, Chasm, and the color and detail on this version are really nice to see on display.

But wait, there’s more! Sticking with the Spider-Man theme, the new Miles Morales figure was also revealed. This figure is decked out in red and black, complete with sneakers and what looks like a pullover. Following that up, we have Richard Fisk, aka The Rose. This figure looks quite impressive with its all-white outfit, a purple mask, and a rose over his left pocket. Plus, he’s holding an actual rose in his right hand! How cool is that?

But the fun doesn’t stop there! Marvel Legends also showed off a new female body with double pinless arms and knee joints, which is used for the new Jessica Drew figure. She’s rocking a black and red spider suit that looks really great. And finally, to round out these reveals, they showed us a brand new Electra Daredevil figure. This figure features an all-new sculpt and comes with some awesome new accessories. Plus, it’s double-pinless throughout, making it superposable.

Hold on to your spiderwebs, folks, because there’s one more surprise figure that was revealed for this Spider-Man wave! It’s Tarantula! And let me tell you, this figure is seriously impressive. Like the other figures in this wave, Tarantula is also rocking a red and black suit, complete with a purple head wrap. But the coolest part? This figure has sharp-tipped toes!

With the addition of Tarantula to this already incredible line-up of figures, it’s safe to say that Marvel Legends has truly outdone themselves. Each figure is packed with incredible detail and full articulation, making them perfect for both display and play.

Animated Spider-Man VHS Wave

Next up, the Hasbro Pulse team shows off their exclusive VHS-inspired Spider-Man two-packs, featuring the previously revealed Symbiote Spider-Man and Carnage. Both figures have impressive articulation, with Symbiote Spider-Man being the first symbiote with toe articulation. The cell shading on these figures is some of the best the team has executed in recent years.

Finally, it’s time to get excited because Hasbro is about to release a brand-new two-pack! And who’s included in this epic set? None other than Aunt May herself! The face deco and details on this figure are seriously impressive, making it a must-have for any Spider-Man fan.

But wait, there’s more! Hasbro knows that a two-pack just isn’t enough to satisfy our Spidey cravings, so they’ve added another amazing figure to the set – Doc Ock! And not just any Doc Ock, but one with newly designed poseable tentacles!

This incredible set is now available for pre-order exclusively on Hasbro Pulse, and it includes four bendy wire tentacles. With two arms that are open and two that are closed, you’ll be able to create a variety of dynamic poses that will make your collection stand out.

The Avenger’s 60th Aniversary figures

Hold onto your seats, Marvel Legends Series fans, because the Avengers 60th Anniversary reveal train is about to make its first stop with none other than the original Avenger himself, Iron Man mark 1! This six-inch figure is the first non-MCU version of Iron Man in the Marvel Legends figures line, and it’s jam-packed with pose-ability and playability despite its bulky armor. With double arms and legs, pinless joints, and an inverted rocker in the torso, this figure can move in all directions, making it an essential addition to your collection.

But that’s not all! Next up is our first line of 2-packs. Bruce Banner, complete with clear removable glasses, and a classic grey Hulk with new pieces that make it different from the Retro card version released a few years ago.

And if you thought things couldn’t get any better, get ready for a new bearded Thor figure that’s possibly the best one yet! The details are incredible, and the sculpt is spot on. Plus, they’ve also revealed the massive Destroyer figure with detailed spikes throughout its armor, standing close to 9 inches tall and shimmering with a translucent metallic finish.

Now, get ready for one of the biggest reveals from the fan stream – Hawk Eye on a fantastic Skycycle! This new pinless Hawk Eye figure features a cloth goods skirt and improved articulation for even better pose-ability, and the Skycycle is an entirely new addition to the line that looks absolutely amazing. And with an included display stand, you’ll be able to show off this awesome set in style.

But wait, there’s more! Hasbro also unveiled the Secret Wars 2 pack, featuring Monica Rambeau, aka Captain Marvel, Day Star, Photon…you name it, with a classic black and white costume and detailed pinless joints. And to sweeten the deal, they’ve included Secret Wars Doctor Doom with a really nice sculpt and some impressive details.

Last but not least, we have Sersi in her classic look, complete with some seriously cool fireball accessories, and Black Knight with a great energy sword, a stunning helmet, and fantastic facial deco. This new female body looks so much better, and the overall details of both figures are truly impressive

Super articulated Black Widow figure

Hasbro has finally released a super-articulated female figure, and who better to debut it with than Black Widow. The figure is designed with double pinless arms and legs, butterfly joint in her shoulders, and an inverted abdomen ab crunch, giving her an incredible range of motion. Additionally, the figure is equipped with flashing stingers, a classic look, and short hair. The Black Widow figure is the ultimate package, and Marvel fans can’t wait to get their hands on it.

And the reveals don’t stop with a new Bucky Captain America figure. This is an update of the classic design, first launched back in 2012. The anniversary program features a great new likeness with butterfly rockers, double articulated arms and legs, a removable Blaster and knife, and a gloss boot. The design was inspired by Alex Ross, the creator of this look back in the day, making it even more special to fans. Bucky Cap 2.0 is the perfect addition to the Marvel Legends line-up, and fans are eager to add it to their collection.

Super-Scrull and Scrull Queen

The villains have arrived with the Super-Scrull and Scrull Queen figures. The Super-Scrull is absorbing a bunch of Avengers powers, much like the previously released Fantastic Four powers Scrull. The figure has a stretchy arm, black bolts tuning fork, a Doctor Strange cape, an arc reactor on his chest, and more. The Scroll Queen is a hugely impactful character from Secret Invasion, who takes on the form of Jessica Drew. The figure features the Jessica Drew version of Spider-Woman, with the Scroll Queen’s alternate head.

The Super Adaptoid

The Super Adaptoid figure is designed to mimic the powers of the Avengers. The figure is 12 inches and comes in the six-inch scale. The Super Adaptoid has a classic Hawkeye crest and boots, Iron Man reactor on his chest, Thor’s hammer, and Captain America’s shield. The figure is designed in three different colors of greens with accents of silvers and blacks, giving it a unique and attractive look.


Excelsior, Marvel Legends fans! Hasbro has done it again by unveiling their 2023 line-up of Marvel Legends action figures. The team has brought classic characters to life with new and updated designs. The Avengers Wave 2023, X-Men Ch’od Wave, Ant-Man Quantumania Wave, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3: Movie Figures, and Spider-Man Wave all look fantastic, and each figure is packed with incredible detail and full articulation, perfect for both display and play. Marvel Legends has truly outdone itself, and the addition of Tarantula to the Spider-Man wave makes it even more impressive. It’s time to add these new figures to your collection and let the adventure begin!

Check Hasbro Pulse for pre-orders and updates.

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