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Marvel Legends Ghost Rider Brings Danny Ketch Back to Life

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I haven’t done a review in a while, but I couldn’t pass this one up. Today I’m breaking down one of the most anticipated figures of the year—the Marvel Legends Ghost Rider (Danny Ketch) with Motorcycle Action Figure. Celebrating Marvel’s 85th anniversary, this set is not just a figure; it’s a fiery, road-blazing statement in your collection.

Marvel Legends Ghost Rider – Danny Ketch

Launched into the Marvel Universe in 1990 with Ghost Rider Vol. 3, #1, Danny Ketch brought an electrifying new dimension to the Ghost Rider saga. Conceived by Howard Mackie and Javier Saltares, Ketch’s life took a dramatic turn when he discovers a mysterious motorcycle. As violence flares nearby, this ordinary machine catalyzes his transformation into the formidable Ghost Rider. This transformation imbues him with the powers to administer vengeance for the innocent—a true Spirit of Vengeance. This backstory not only enriches his character but also deepens the significance of this action figure.

The Perfect Action Figure?

Following the disappointment of the HasLab Spirit of Vengeance project, which left many fans disheartened and dreaming of what could have been, a little over a year has gone by. Rising from the ashes, however, Hasbro has stormed back with a vengeance. Let’s dive deep into the extraordinary attributes that distinguish this figure. Boasting remarkable craftsmanship, the design masterfully mirrors Danny Ketch’s comic book appearance. Standing at 6 inches tall, the figure features over 20 points of articulation. This meticulous detailing allows for a broad spectrum of movement, making it perfect for dynamic displays or reenacting legendary comic book scenes.

Moreover, the inclusion of the Ghost Rider in the Marvel Legends Series is a testament to the character’s enduring popularity and cultural significance. Danny Ketch, the third person to become Ghost Rider, brought a new depth to the role that resonated with fans during the ’90s comic boom. His transformation by touching the gas cap of a mystical motorcycle appealed to a generation fascinated by anti-heroes and the supernatural. This figure’s release not only honors that legacy but also introduces new fans to one of Marvel’s most complex characters.

The Hell Cycle

Now, about the Hell Cycle—it’s a masterpiece. Equipped with semi-translucent fire wheels and moveable foot pegs, it allows for various dynamic poses. Whether displayed on two wheels or rearing up on one, it captures the essence of Ghost Rider’s supernatural ride. The inclusion of these elements highlights Hasbro’s commitment to authenticity and playability.

The accessories deserve a special mention. This set includes nine pieces—alternate hands, a chain, and additional Hell Cycle embellishments. These accessories are not only functional but also enhance the display options, allowing collectors to customize Ketch’s look and stance.

Window Boxes are Back!

Packaging is another area where Hasbro doesn’t skimp. The window box design is perfect for collectors who prefer to keep their figures mint while still showcasing them. It’s detailed, vibrant, and ensures that the figure remains the centerpiece, true to our collector-friendly ethos.

Priced at $49.99, the value of this set is remarkable considering the quality and the array of features it offers. It’s slated for release in August 2024, and anticipation is high. Available for pre-order through major retailers like Hasbro Pulse and Entertainment Earth, securing this figure early is wise as it’s bound to be a hot item.

But why is this release so significant? It’s not just another action figure; it’s a celebration of Marvel’s storied history and a homage to one of its unique anti-heroes. Owning this figure isn’t just about having another collectible; it’s about holding a piece of comic book lore—a tangible connection to the Marvel Universe’s rich narrative tapestry.

For longtime fans of Ghost Rider or those new to collecting, this figure is a compelling addition. It represents the fusion of classic comic book elements with modern collectible design, making it a must-have for both display and play.

It Doesn’t get any Better

In conclusion, the Marvel Legends Series Ghost Rider (Danny Ketch) with Motorcycle Action Figure is more than just a figure; it’s a statement. It’s a piece of Marvel history brought to life through exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail. Whether for play or display, this Ghost Rider set promises to be a spectacular addition to any collection.

Keep an eye on those pre-order dates and prepare to make some room on your shelves—this Ghost Rider is riding into town with a vengeance. For those looking to dive deeper, check out more details and secure your pre-order at Hasbro Pulse and Entertainment Earth. This isn’t just a figure; it’s a piece of Marvel magic, ready to bring the heat to your collection!

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