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Is the Mattel Creations New WCW entrance stage campaign in crisis?

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Campaign in Crisis

Update: Campaign failed. The campaign ended with a little over 1000 backers under the required 5000. No word from the team at Mattel.

On March 29th, 2023, Mattel Creations launched an ambitious crowdfunding campaign for the WCW Nitro entrance stage. This stunning 1/12th scale replica was created to evoke nostalgia for the iconic WCW Nitro entrance stage from the beloved wrestling show of the 1990s.

The team at Mattel was filled with optimism in the prospect of funding the project within a week, and in an attempt to garner more support, they offered a special Hulk Hogan wrestling figure to anyone who backed the project early. Initially, the offer seemed successful, with a thousand backers being acquired in the first couple of days; however, the enthusiasm soon diminished and by mid-week, it became evident that the project would not be funded within the first week.

The cost of the playset has proven to be a major hindrance, with $400 USD being a lot to swallow. Many potential backers have been waiting for the project to reach its funding goal of 5000 backers and meet all of its tiers before committing to the price. I, too, am among those who have held off. In the hopes of gaining more traction, Mattel Creations has made some changes to the tiers, offering Rey Mysterio and Scott Steiner when the funding number reaches its goal. But was it enough?

The project has been steadily losing backers as time goes by and despite the attempts to shift the tiers, it has been to no avail. As of April 19th at 7 pm EST, the project is sitting at a meager 2097 backers. With only 16 days left, it looks like this project may not make it to its goal without some drastic measures undertaken by Mattel’s team. It is a pity as the project itself does have its merits.

Mattel Creations WCW Stage Entrance

So What went wrong?

As I said before, the cost is an issue for us all. We’re all trying to save money in this economy, but that doesn’t mean we’ve stopped buying collectibles. It’s just that with the cost of living, it can be hard to justify splurging on a playset. I mean let’s be real, that is exactly what this is. An overpriced wrestling playset! That’s not to say that it’s bad. There are just more important things to pay for. I’m sure if the price dropped by $100, though, it’d make it much easier for those who are on the fence to get behind the project. Especially for those of us looking at shipping and duty costs of $100 for international orders.

The second problem is the tiers themselves. It definitely wasn’t a good idea to include Hulk Hogan in his Nitro debut gear as a bonus tier. Most collectors already have him in some form or another. We were also told what each tier was right off the bat, so there is no surprise factor, which is one of the reasons I haven’t jumped on to back this project until all of the tiers are met.

Thirdly, what a missed opportunity! Why not have included Eric Bischoff or anything to do with the NWO? That would have been awesome! They should have included ring music too and cheering crowd sounds, considering the price. And why not throw in some ring skirts? It would have been an easy addition to go with the WWE ring they funded the year before

There is still time

It’s not too late to save this project, however. With its remarkable features and intricate details, this collectible is an absolute must-have for any fan. All that remains is for Mattel Creations to listen to its fans and deliver something impressive for the price. Don’t do what Hasbro did for the Engine of Vengeance. It’s now or never – let’s hope Mattel will make the right decision!

The project is available at this link:

WWE Ultimate Edition WCW Monday Nitro Entrance Stage

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