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New G.I. Joe Classified Night Force Big Ben and Cobra Range Viper

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Night Force Big Ben and Range Viper

Update: They are now available for preorder at Walmart!
U.S. Orders are available here

Big Ben: Click Here
Range Viper: Click Here
Canadian Orders are available here
Big Ben Click Here
Range Viper Click Here

Night Force Big Ben and Cobra Range Viper

If last week’s G.I. Joe Classified reveals weren’t enough, Twitter user Jtprime17 has leaked some exciting new images of upcoming G.I. Joe Classified action figures. Among them are Night Force Big Ben and Range Viper, which look absolutely fantastic at first glance. However, let’s delve deeper into what these figures have in store for us by examining the images closely.

Night Force Big Ben

The figure is impressive! The facial features are expertly crafted as usual, and the military face paint complements it well. The Ushanka-style hat adds a nice touch to the overall look, although I’m not sure if it’s detachable. Given that previous lines have offered removable hats, however, it could be a possibility. Additionally, the crossing bandoleers add some extra flair to the outfit which includes a stylish military green cold-weather jacket, pants, and boots. This particular figure belongs to the “Night Force” team line – I wonder who else will join this lineup? It’s likely we’ll see some heavy repaints and reuse of existing figures when more teammates are revealed.

In terms of accessories, there are some great add-ons available too! A second head sculpt featuring a gas mask looks fantastic and offers potential for troop building with other similar figures. Hasbro may have intended this from the start since there are several weapons available including an assault rifle, an SMG, and a heavy machine gun – all with superb detail in their design.

Cobra Range Viper

The Range Viper, on the other hand, is a troop builder that stands out with its grey, white, and blue color scheme, along with yellow accents that highlight the accessories. The head sculpt is particularly menacing, featuring a blue skull mask with deep red eyes and a brain mass helmet covering the entire head.

Rather than blending in with their surroundings, Range Vipers are designed to intimidate and take control of any situation they encounter. Just imagine facing off against an entire squad of these figures! The included accessories are truly impressive – so much so that it’s unclear whether Hasbro will market this figure as deluxe or keep it at its current price point of $24.99.

Among the many items included are a bandoleer, assault rifle, grenade launcher, pistol, sai weapon, ice ax tool, backpack for storage and transport purposes – even what appears to be some kind of neck covering!

In conclusion, G.I. Joe Classified Night Force Big Ben and Cobra Range Viper are two incredible action figures that any collector or fan of the franchise would be proud to own. The only thing I don’t know is how Jtprime17 got his hands on these reveals. But whatever his connection, keep them coming! Hopefully, this doesn’t put too much stress on the G.I. Joe Hasbro team. Until next time, Yo Joe!


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