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BigBadWorkShop | Fresh Monkey Fiction – Operation: Monster Force

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BigBadWorkShop in collaboration with Fresh Monkey Fiction has just put their Operation: Monster Force figures up for pre-order. And they look phenomenal. I almost passed these up. I needed a couple of days to digest what was going on. But after checking out the pre-orders, I am jumping in on this line.

So who or what is Operation: Monster Force?

According to the Fresh Monkey Fiction website, Operation Monster Force is an elite military team headed by Declan Van Helsing. He was enlisted by the US military in order to stop an evil Egyptian sorcerer, The Forgotten King! Van Helsing also releases his family’s greatest foe, Count Dracula to even the odds against The Forgotten King.  His reasoning? It may take a monster to bring down a monster.

With the help of Dracula, A vampire strike team is formed. “Delta Red” is a unique platoon of military soldiers. Their undead state makes them immune to the powers of The Forgotten King.

They are now in a struggle against time to stop The Forgotten King from unleashing a reign of terror across the globe. His ultimate goal is still a mystery.

Operation: Monster Force Toy Line

The first wave of 8 figures includes Declan Van Helsing, Count Dracula, The Forgotten King, Delta Red Nocturnal Operations Trooper, Delta Red Urban Operations Trooper, Sleep Walker Crimson Moon Division, Sleep Walker Siege Breaker Division, and Sleep Walker Obsidian Elite Guardsman.

Taking a look at the images provided, the figures look great! The designs are outstanding. With the exception of Dracula, all the figures are loaded with accessories. On top of that, they come with multiple heads and weapons making them true army builders. If you are so inclined. Fresh Monkey Fiction also provides a couple of sneak peeks at upcoming figures. Wave 2 looks very promising.

I love the fact that BigBadToyStore and Fresh Monkey Fiction have taken the initiative to provide us with a unique line of action figures. With the number of accessories jam-packed into each figure, the 36.99 USD price tag is reasonable. As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, I am all in.

Let me know what you think.

If you’re interested check out Fresh Monkey Fiction for more info, including comics, a write-up, and more images. Or preorder the line at BigBadToyStore.

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