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Starwars Celebration 2023 – New Indiana Jones

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Star Wars Celebration Europe was an epic event, bringing together Star Wars fans from around the world. Not only did the celebration offer exciting reveals from the Star Wars universe, it also unveiled a new range of Indiana Jones figures. The figures feature a variety of designs, so fans can be sure to find something to love.

Raiders of the Lost Ark

Temple Escape Indy

Relive the iconic opening scene of Raiders of the Lost Ark with the new Indiana Jones Temple Escape set. Featuring the Idol, bag, and pedestal. The central platform is articulated for an interactive experience. Reenact the moment when Indy takes the Idol and begins his escape. Packaged in a deluxe box, the set is available from Hasbro Pulse, Shop Disney this summer.

Cairo Marketplace Indy

Indiana Jones is one of the most iconic movie characters of all time, and his look featured in Raiders of the Lost Ark is perhaps his most recognizable. This figure brings all the great scenes from the Cairo Marketplace to life. Featuring an open and untucked shirt, as if to signify the hard days in the marketplace, this figure also includes a coiled whip and a gun, both of which were featured in the movie. Included with this figure is the capuchin monkey too! A great addition to the lineup.

Marcus Brody and Rene Belloq

Hasbro is excited to introduce two new characters to the line: Marcus Brody and Rene Belloq. The first character is Marcus Brody, a beloved museum curator, who comes with an iconic Apple from Raiders of the Lost Ark, the huge library book complete with a living hinge and clasp. Inside the book, Hasbro has used inkjet printing technology to replicate the movie’s artwork and text accurately. This is the definitive Brody figure. The second character is Rene Belloq from the Cairo marketplace, a different look from the previous ceremonial version. Belloq comes with a weapon and is perfect to pair with Marketplace Indiana Jones to recreate some iconic scenes. The figures come in Deluxe packaging, making it Hasbro’s first Indiana Jones two-pack.

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

Bridge scene Indiana Jones

Indiana Jones stands at the edge of a perilous bridge, in the iconic scene from Temple of Doom. His shirt is open, yet tucked in, and his pants are ripped and heavily weathered, giving him a beaten, worn look. His face is heavily decorated and his expression reflects the rough day he has had. This figure comes with two versions of his iconic whip, coiled and unfurled, a bag, and a machete, all faithfully recreated in the first Mainline packaging from Temple of Doom.

Short Round

Short Round, the beloved sidekick of Indiana Jones in the Temple of Doom, is now available for the first time in the form of a figurine. He comes with a removable soft goods coat, a baseball cap, Indy’s hat, a torch, and an Indiana Jones voodoo doll. The packaging is eye-catching and the likeness of the character is remarkable. Fans have been wanting Short Round for ages and can now finally have the chance to add him to their collection. With his fun accessories, he looks amazing and is sure to be a hit with fans.

Hypnotized Indiana Jones

Indiana Jones is looking more disheveled than ever in his latest iteration, appearing in the second act of the movie. Featuring a photorealistic likeness and detailed markings on his forehead, this version of Indy is sure to captivate fans. He comes with a red roof rope draped across his chest, a boat hook spear, and a skull chalice as well as three cuts on his back from where he was whipped in the film. Packaged in an awesome box, this new addition to the Indiana Jones line is sure to please fans of the franchise

Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny

Helena Shaw

The first figure from the highly anticipated new movie has finally been revealed, and it has been a long time since we’ve been able to say that since 2008. The detail on the figure is incredible, with the likeness to Helena Shaw in the film being absolutely spot on. You can even see the accessories, like the flashlight and backpack, that were part of her character in the trailer. The packaging featuring imagery from the trailer is also stunning, and it’s clear that Helena Shaw will be a very exciting character in this movie. Very pleased with how the figure has turned out, and we can’t wait to see what else the movie has in store.

Indiana Jones

No surprise here, the Indiana Jones in the Dial of Destiny Adventure Series Figures would not be complete without the iconic man himself, Indiana Jones. This figure has been fully newly tooled from the ground up, with updated coloring distinct from previous films. Accessories include a shoulder bag, spilling out with the robe, a flashlight, and an absolutely beautifully detailed backpack. He looks very prepared to meet his next adventure head-on. The packaging looks amazing as well, completing the look of this figure.


Star Wars Celebration Europe was a thrilling event for fans of both Star Wars and Indiana Jones. The reveals of the new Indiana Jones figures demonstrate the ongoing dedication to creating immersive and authentic collectibles that fans will cherish. From iconic moments in Raiders of the Lost Ark and Temple of Doom, to the highly anticipated new film, Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny, the range of figures offers something for every fan. The incredible level of detail, lifelike likenesses, and deluxe packaging make these figures must-haves for any collector. As we celebrate these legendary franchises, it’s evident that the spirit of adventure and excitement surrounding Indiana Jones remains as strong as ever.

Watch the Fan Stream Here


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