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Super 7: King Conan and the Throne of Aquilonia

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Conan The Barbarian and Conan the Destroyer are some of my favorite fantasy films. Arnold Schwarzenegger was fantastic in the role. So when Super7 announced they were creating Action Figures based on the license, I couldn’t be more excited.

We all knew of Conan’s many adventures combining the silver screen, comics, and novels.  And we all imagined the moment Conan would become King of Aquilonia. Well, imagine no further. Remember the final frames of Conan the Barbarian? The moment that saw Conan as King sitting on his throne. Super7 has captured that point in time with incredible detail!

Super7 Conan Figures

The first few waves of this line did not disappoint. Super7 designs have a stylized exaggerated look to them. But it works! Especially for figures of this type.The iconic movie figure was exactly what I was after. Unfortunately,  I always face a dilemma when it comes to buying Super7 figures. And that’s the price. Between $44 to $64 USD. That price point has always forced me to hold off on some of the figures they offered. Don’t get me wrong, I have ordered from Super7 in the past and have been extremely satisfied. This past year I got the “Major Wrestling Figure Podcast” figures of Brian Meyers and Matt Cardona. They are awesome! Worth every penny. But these figures become the exception for me. More of a treat, if the budget allows it.Now, this may begin to change as companies like Hasbro and Mattel keep raising their prices. At that point, my money will be going to the company offering the better value for my buck. And Super7 does bring forth really fantastic figures.

King Conan is coming

King Conan and Throne of Aquilonia become the exception for me. For roughly 100 bucks, you get King Conan as seen in the last scene of Conan the Barbarian. Arnold Schwarzenegger dressed in his King’s garments, looking restless as the mantle of responsibility has brought this once, mighty warrior to boredom. Waiting for that next adventure to find him. The figure details are great! The likeness is there but it also has a regalness to it. Something you would see in the pages of fantasy magazines. From the crown to the armor to the gauntlets and weapons. It all looks awesome. The paint apps are really well done. The gold sheen gives the figure that Kings quality you expect from a royal action figure.Of course, the other thing worth talking about is the Throne of Aquilonia itself. Again, the details were transferred from the movie screen to plastic with no loss at all. It’s beautiful. Combining both King Conan and the Throne of Aquilonia is so satisfying to display.Conan ships with two amazing head sculpts, a short sword and sheath, a long sword, and 2 extra sets of hands. The Throne ships with the Throne of Aquilonia itself and a staff/spear.For those interested, preorders are available here:

Super7 King Conan
Super7 Throne of Aquilonia

BigBadToyStore King Conan
BigBadToyStore Throne of Aquilonia

Shipping in Fall of 2023.

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