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Unveiling the Behemoth: Super7’s Cobra Mothership

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Introduction to the Cobra Mothership

Taking a deep dive into Super7’s G.I. Joe ReAction Vehicle, the Cobra Mothership, has been quite the adventure. At first glance, I was left scratching my head. This thing is a behemoth! It’s grand, it’s bold, and it’s undoubtedly aimed at the not-so-faint-hearted collectors among us, particularly those with a penchant for G.I. Joe, ReAction, or vintage lines. We’re talking about a niche within a niche here.

Now, onto the nitty-gritty. With a price point of $600, including shipping, it’s clear this “playset” isn’t playing around. It’s a serious investment for serious collectors. And why not? The Cobra Mothership is a striking piece, stretching a robust 32” in diameter and standing at about 11” high with the added thruster stands. This isn’t your average action figure accessory; it’s a centerpiece that commands attention.

A Blast from the Past:

Now, a bit of a flashback. The Cobra Mothership first graced our screens in the G.I. Joe mini-series intro between September 16, 1985, and December 13, 1985. Although the mothership’s screen time was short-lived, a mere 45 seconds, it left a lasting impression. The depiction of the mothership’s destruction by the Joes was nothing short of epic.

Detailing the Behemoth:

Super7’s rendition stays faithfully close to the original design, which is no small feat. They’ve managed to capture the menacing aura and intricate details of the mothership, albeit at a scale more suited for a collector’s display than a cartoon battlefield. While the cartoon version is a behemoth of epic proportions, Super7’s model scales it down to a size that’s more home-friendly, yet still impressive. The meticulous detailing is a testament to Super7’s commitment to rekindling that vintage magic, making this Cobra Mothership a collector’s dream.

In essence, Super7 has done a stellar job capturing the nostalgic essence of the Cobra Mothership, making it a worthy addition for any G.I. Joe collector or vintage toy enthusiast. It’s a trip down memory lane, with a price tag to match its monumental legacy.

Dare to venture into the intimidating facade of the Cobra Mothership, and you’ll be rewarded with a plethora of hidden marvels. This isn’t just a ship; it’s a fortress brimming with defense turrets concealed like a spy in a Cold War thriller, 16 illuminating thrusters on its belly, and a posterior ramp ready to unleash a legion of Cobra allies upon the world. Peel back the five exterior panels on the crown of the ship to unveil an interior that’s a marvel of evil genius engineering. You’ll find a Command Center adorned with a rotating Giant Globe (because what’s world domination without a giant globe to spin?), an armory eager to cradle the included arsenal of weapon accessories, and a prison cell complete with functional handcuffs to keep those pesky captives in check.

Now, every sinister vehicle needs a loyal crew, and the Cobra Mothership doesn’t disappoint. It welcomes aboard an exclusive Cobra Viper Gunner ReAction Figure and a Cobra Viper Gunner O-Ring Figure! Be a part of the Cobra’s ambitious quest for world domination by backing this behemoth. And for the first time, receive the crown jewel of the Cobra fleet at a 3.75” scale.

Crowdfunding Tiers and Bonuses

Let’s talk funding goals. If the community of villainy enthusiasts hits the early funding goal of 4,000 backers by October 22nd, every backer on board by this date will bag two Cobra Escape Parachutes, perfect companions for any figure (especially a certain Commander). They’re not just for show; these soft goods parachutes are fully functional!

As the backers’ army grows, so does the loot:

  • Tier 1 Bonus (5,000 Backers): 2 Turrets and a Sticker Sheet to personalize your reign of terror.
  • Tier 2 Bonus (6,000 Backers): Super7 Exclusive Variants of 2 Trubble Bubble Vehicles equipped with flip-up canopies and cannons, each armed with a mine and two missile accessories, ready to rain havoc!
  • Tier 3 Bonus (7,000 Backers): Super7 Exclusive Variants of 1 Cobra Viper Officer and 1 Cobra Viper Gunner Officer, your trusted lieutenants in the quest for control.

Should the crowdfund triumph, Super7 offers the cherry on the evil cake: the option to add on classic o-ring figures or ReAction figures at an extra cost.

Mothership Features:

  • Designed meticulously for 3.75” ReAction Figures and vintage G.I. Joe O-Ring figures.
  • Measuring a formidable 32” in diameter and over 11” tall on Thruster display stands.
  • The aircraft’s interior is a haven of villainous endeavors, from an armory that swings open to reveal weapon accessories, to a sliding prison door unveiling a jail cell.
  • Command Center access through a bridge door, seating for two Cobra Vipers, and a globe that takes a 360° view of your nefarious plans.
  • Mechanic systems hidden beneath floor hatches, gunner seats with concealed turrets, and explosives ready to be dropped on unsuspecting Joes!

Base Accessories:

  • Cobra Viper Gunner ReAction Figure and Cobra Viper Gunner O-Ring Figure, each armed with rifle and backpack accessories.
  • Three Thruster Display Stands to showcase your conquest machine.
  • A selection of Cobra weaponry and explosives to keep the good guys on their toes!
  • A Sticker Sheet to add that personal touch of terror to your Mothership.

Price Tag and Value Proposition:

Upon reflection, a nagging question twirls around my mind like a perplexing top: who is the Cobra Mothership really for? The call for this behemoth didn’t echo through the collector communities I frequent. Its cameo in the animated series was brief, akin to a fleeting whisper rather than a roaring shout in the annals of G.I. Joe lore. Now, I hear murmurs of enthusiasm from a few corners, but let’s keep it real – it wasn’t topping any wish lists. Personally, I’d tip my hat and open my wallet wider for a newly tooled Flagg, no contest.

Now, let’s talk dollars and sense. The price tag on the Cobra Mothership is a steep climb at 600 USD. While the details are present, they don’t dazzle; they come off as standard fare. The reliance on stickers for a majority of the detailing feels a tad underwhelming. I’ve heard the chatter about Super7’s size compared to Hasbro and how that scales with the price. The theory goes that Super7’s offerings are priced according to their operational scale. However, at this price point, I was hoping for a spectacle that would prompt a standing ovation, but it left me seated and slightly somber.

Community Reflections:

In the grand theater of toy collectibles, the Cobra Mothership feels like an act that doesn’t quite hit the high note. But hey, differing opinions are the spice of collector discussions! I’m all ears for differing takes on this crowdfund. Is the Cobra Mothership striking the right chords with you? Or do you share a similar tune to my perspective? I’m keen to hear your thoughts on this toy saga as it unfolds. Your insights might just provide a new angle to this intriguing narrative.

In the sprawling landscape of toy collectibles, the Super7 Cobra Mothership has certainly etched its presence, albeit with a rather bold stroke that may not resonate with every enthusiast. Its grandeur is undeniable, but its appeal might find a cozy niche rather than a broad stage. With a hefty price tag, the expectations soared high, yet the reality of the offering nestled into a realm of standard fare, leaving a lingering desire for something more dazzling, more captivating. The conversation around its value, its nostalgic charm, and its place in a collector’s haven is as diverse as the G.I. Joe universe itself.

The contrasting opinions and the lively discussions it has sparked reflect the vibrant and passionate community of collectors we’re all a part of. Whether the Cobra Mothership is a triumphant display of villainous aesthetics or a missed opportunity to rekindle a vintage allure, remains a narrative with multiple perspectives. It’s a chapter in the continuous dialogue between creators and collectors, a dialogue that propels the industry towards greater heights, one collectible at a time.

Final Thoughts:

As the curtain opens on the Cobra Mothership’s crowdfunding journey, it leaves behind trails of both admiration and contemplation. It’s an invitation to explore not just the depths of one’s pocket, but the realms of one’s passion for the lore, the craftsmanship, and the collective nostalgia that binds the community. It’s a reminder that in the vast universe of toy collectibles, every piece has its tale, its admirers, and its critiques.

The dialogue surrounding the Cobra Mothership is a testimony to the ever-evolving and passionate saga that is toy collecting. As we venture forward, may our discussions lead to even more captivating creations, echoing the spirit and the imaginative essence that is the hallmark of this vibrant community. As we share our thoughts, debate our viewpoints, and anticipate the next unveil, the journey of collecting continues to be as thrilling as the toys that ignite these conversations.

So, whether the Cobra Mothership sails or sinks in your collector’s heart, it certainly has fueled a discussion worth having, and in that, it has already claimed its space in our shared narrative.

If you wish to fund the project, head over to Super7 where the crowdfund will run until Dec. 11, 2023.

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