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Thunder, Thunder, ThunderCats Ultimates Thundertank! Ho!

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The Super 7 ThunderCats Ultimates Thundertank

Hey there, toy enthusiasts! Get ready to geek out because we’re about to take a deep dive into the highly anticipated Super7 ThunderCats Ultimates 7″ Scale Thundertank Vehicle. We’ll cover all the juicy details from the packaging to the intricate features of the vehicle itself. This collectible is definitely worth a spot in my “Top ten Pre-orders if money were no object” post from a few weeks back, but let’s not get too hung up on the price just yet. So, sit back, relax, and let’s get into the nitty-gritty of this epic addition to the ThunderCats toy line!

Packaging and Accessories

The ThunderCats Ultimates Thundertank comes in a fairly decent-sized box with some really nice artwork, very reminiscent of the original toy line. The sides of the packaging give us a look at the vehicle’s various features. However, it’s worth noting that there is no instruction manual included, so you’ll need to rely on the box to figure out how everything works. I am not sure what Super 7 was thinking on this one. At this price point, A well-detailed instruction manual is almost a given. As an example, Lego and Playmobil put a lot of effort into theirs.

The accessories that come with the Thundertank include a piece of thundrillium, a Samoflange tool for Panthro to use, and a second canopy top that is made of clear plastic. While the thundrillium is just for looks and there’s no actual place to store it inside the tank, the Samo flange tool is a nice addition for collectors who already have the Panthro figure that Super7 released for this line, as it allows for more creative display options. The extra canopy top is also a thoughtful addition, as it allows for the figures inside the tank to be seen while still providing cover.

Vehicle Details

Moving on to the vehicle itself, the Thundertank is huge! It has a driver’s seat in the front, with controls that don’t move but have sculpted details. These details are nice. Better than the sticker details included in the vintage Thundertank of years gone by. But at a price tag of $499 USD, it is the least we can expect. The back of the tank features a cannon that can be elevated up and down and rotated all the way around, but unfortunately, there are no projectiles. This is a missed opportunity by Super 7. The controls on the back of the gun look great. The mounting of the controls is shaped like a tiger paw. It would have been nice to have some detail on the screen, but you can still turn the handles and get some movement there.

The back of the tank seats four figures, allowing the entire primary team of ThunderCats to fit inside. The front of the tank has readouts, displays, and controls sculpted on the sides of the wall, as well as a big laser cannon that opens up.

One slight disappointment with the Thundertank is that the gun cannot be up and out without pushing it down when closing the top, which means that if you want to close the top, you’ll need to have the gun lowered. It would have been nice if Super7 had included a feature that allowed the gun to pop up while still keeping the doors closed.

Alright, This ThunderCats Ultimates Thundertank is a beast, measuring 26 inches long, 18 inches wide, and about 8 inches high. It’s massive, folks! But, is it worth the $499 price tag? Well, that’s up to you and how big of a Thundercats fan you are. Keep in mind, this bad boy is targeted at collectors. But let me tell you, it’s a nice piece. If you’ve been collecting the Thundercats figures from Super 7 or Mattel, this Thundertank would be the crown jewel of your collection. So, if you’re a diehard Thundercats fan and love to collect, this Thundertank is definitely worth considering!


Get ready to take your ThunderCats collection to the next level with the ThunderCats Ultimates Thundertank Vehicle! It’s like the ThunderTank you dreamed of having as a kid, but bigger and better. This bad boy can fit up to 6 action figures. With cool features like glow-in-the-dark eyes, rolling wheels, opening cargo bay doors, and a removable swiveling turret, you’ll be ready to take on any battle. Plus, it comes with 2 windshields for battle mode and aquatic mode. Don’t miss out on this gargantuan addition to your collection!

If you’re interested, this bad boy is still available to order and in stock! Check our affiliate links below.

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2 comments on “Thunder, Thunder, ThunderCats Ultimates Thundertank! Ho!

  1. Who-lee-oh
    This thing is AMAZING!!!! …… and freakin’ expensive, ha ha Reply
    1. I want to get it...playing the lottery this week. Fingers crossed 🤞 Reply

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