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ToyBeast Website Update Jan 2023

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The site is only 3+ months and we are rolling out our 2nd major update! As the website grows new functionality must evolve with it. So let’s take a look at the changes implemented in this update.

Mobile is king

2 out of every 3 visitors to this site are visiting from their mobile phones. For this reason, We’ve spent some time updating the mobile experience. Larger thumbnail images! It just makes sense. And it seems the way all other sites and apps are doing it. It took some time to implement as we wanted to keep the desktop experience the same. After a little coding juice and some thumbnail regeneration, voila, here it is.

Updating older posts

Google is a finicky beast. It will index our posts one day and de-list them the next. So to combat some of these inexplainable actions, we have begun to re-write some of our earlier posts. Especially our evergreen posts. Like the Draw Like a Beast section. We have gone more in-depth with some of the finer talking points as well as added new images. I think this will be an ongoing process for the most part. At least for posts, We tend to think are more important.

Failure is an opportunity to learn

We have been running a contest this past month for the opportunity to win a G.I. Joe Classified Gung-Ho action figure. It has bombed. Not only that, we had no sign-ups at all. Granted the site is still new and the audience for both the website and YouTube channel is relatively small. But I was hoping to pull in some new viewers with the contest. We will take the time to see what we could have done better.  The website currently averages 1072 views a month. Google search is starting to ramp up as well. As things begin to move in a favorable trajectory, maybe we will try another contest soon. If you are reading this, share your thoughts below on how we can create excitement with a future contest.

Affiliate marketing

Another feature added with this update is our affiliate marketing links. So this helps in 2 ways, first, of course, is financial. We haven’t made a dime off this site or the YouTube channel. So every little bit can help keep the wheels rolling and the lights on. I’m sure you know the amount of time and effort it takes to write, film, and produce content. No complaints, I love doing it. But I would love to do it full-time. To get there, however, I need to make it financially feasible to quit my job to do so. Secondly, It just makes sense that when I review a product, you should be able to order one with a simple click. It’s simply convenient.

We are currently affiliated with Entertainment Earth. They are one of the biggest toy distributors in North America. They supply most small to medium toy retailers. A very good and trustworthy company.

More 3D prints coming

As things begin to settle down for the website, I will start to focus more on 3D prints again. The next print is a 1/12th scale PacMan arcade cabinet! The model looks great. I just need to finish off the decals and instruction manual and you should see it posted by end of the month. After that, I will update some older models and post them as well. There should be a wave of new prints to hit mid-February and March.

Help spread the word

Thanks for reading our latest website update. The next one will probably be in April. But for the time being, if you enjoy the site, please pass it along and share it. That would mean the world to us!

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to reach out. Thanks and have a prosperous and happy 2023!


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