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ToyBeast Website Update

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Ads on the site

Some of you may have noticed the addition of Google Adwords to the site. I have been kicking around the idea of monetization for a while. Not that I want to get rich doing this, but in contrast, it would be nice if the blog paid for itself. This would allow me to focus on writing more posts as well as creating and releasing more YouTube videos. I really enjoy doing this, but it’s really hard work. More so the behind-the-scenes stuff. Like many bloggers, I do this in my spare time. But like everyone, my time is limited. So every little bit helps. I am currently only experimenting with Google Adwords. I don’t want the advertising to be too much of a negative impact on the user experience. If it does negatively impact it, I may remove it entirely. Only time will tell.

For the time being, Some changes to the design should take effect in the coming weeks. This should help differentiate ads and articles a little better.

The pop-up character

You may have seen him. A few of you have clicked on him. What is he? I’ll explain. I have been testing a randomized pop-up character that appears over random articles this past week. This little guy is going to be your portal to new contests. The contests will be announced on the YouTube channel. Once announced, visitors will then need to find him on the website, and click on him to fill out a contest form. I thought it would be a fun way to engage with the audience.

Our next YouTube Video!

As I mentioned above, a new ToyBeast video is in the works. It’s an unboxing of the Mattel limited edition WWE wrestling ring. On there we will also discuss the website and announce our first contest! So make sure you check it out!

3D Printing Projects

On the 3D print side of things, I was thinking of creating a thrown room diorama piece for Cobra Commander. Soon to be taken over by Serpentor. I’ve seen a few nice examples out there but I will be changing it up a little. I want it to be modular. With 3 or 4 pieces that will build up a throne room diorama. It will fit a number of characters besides Cobra Commander. I will be sharing the designs as this project gets off the ground. And as always, the STL files will be offered to registered users for free. If you haven’t registered yet, do so, it’s free!

Another idea for 3D printing,  I was bummed out as a kid that we never got a proper toy line for V the television series. If you’ve ever watched this great TV show, you’ll remember a moment when they show kids playing with a Visitor spaceship and some 3 3/4 inch action figures. They were later advertised in the Sears catalog. Unfortunately, the Toyline was scrapped because the series got canceled. I intend to rectify this travesty. So stay tuned on that front as well.

Lastly, I would like to ask if you could help spread the word. If you have enjoyed this website, and think it’s worth sharing, please do so.

The bigger the audience, the better the site, and the better the giveaways. Simple as that.

Have any suggestions for this site? Or have an idea for a 3D print project? Feel free to send me a message at

And for those of you who have registered, a special thank you. I appreciate the support. You are on the ground level of this brand-new community. Stick with us as we gear up for fantastic projects and giveaways!

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