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WWE Ultimate Edition Attitude Era Ring and Kane Figure

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Mattel Creations is now offering a new version of its Ultimate Edition Wrestling Ring. For those who missed out on the previous version, this is great news. For those who funded the original version, is this fair?

WWE Ultimate Edition New Generation Arena

In August of 2021, Mattel Creations crowd-funded the WWE Ultimate Edition New Generation Arena. For $250 USD you got the wrestling ring, the LED stage entrance, 3 different ring skirts, and 2 specialty figures. If you were an early bird crowd funder you also received an extra figure (Macho Man) and commentator table and chairs.

The crowd-funded project did not take long to fund. In fact, it got 8649 backers of its goal of 5000.

The whole package was nice. Somewhat expensive but for a collectible one-of-a-kind item, it was totally worth it. Have a look here at our unboxing and review.

WWE Ultimate Edition Attitude Era Ring

Mattel Creations has taken the WWE Ultimate Edition New Generation Arena and repackaged it as the WWE Ultimate Edition Attitude Era Ring. Being offered for $140 USD you get the wrestling ring branded with the Raw is War ring skirts, and a specialty Kane figure.

This package is far more affordable. It is currently available as a preorder at Mattel Creations and shipping in May.

Mattel Creations walking a fine line

There has been an expectation that crowd-funded projects like the WWE Ultimate Edition Wrestling Ring should have only been available if you decided to back the original project. If you missed out, the only other option would be to look for it on the second-hand market.

Instead, Mattel Creations has decided to remove and repackage the Ring and offer it again. But this time under the WWE Raw brand. And offer it at a lower price. Sure you don’t get the original figures or the ring skirts, and they left out the stage entrance. But given the option, some crowd funders would probably opt in for this ring instead.

Packaged this time around you get a ring with the much preferred Raw ring skirts, and a specialty Kane action figure and you save $110 USD. Personally,  I may have gone with this offering instead.

As mentioned above, it’s a fine line. A little dirty marketing by Mattel. Did they break some sort of unwritten rule? Possibly. But at the end of the day, they own the product. Crowd-funded or not, they have every right to do what they want.

In the future, I may hold off funding a project if there is the possibility that an alternative version at a cheaper price may be offered later on. But that is the risk you take.

The WWE Ultimate Edition Attitude Era Ring is available now at Mattel Creations.


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