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X-Men: The Animated Series – Omega Red by Mondo

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Greetings, Toy Beast Army!

It’s been a tad quiet on here for the last two weeks, and I owe you all a hearty update packed with tales of family adventure, website tinkering, and of course, a grand toy unveiling. Buckle up as we ride the rollercoaster from Nova Scotia to the heart of toy land!

So, the clock wound back to two weeks ago, when my family and I decided to trade the serene Nova Scotia scenery for the buzzing funscape of Kissimmee, Florida. After being cooped up thanks to the pandemic, this was our first venture beyond the Canadian borders, and what a venture it was! We nestled into the warm embrace of Orange Lake Resort, our temporary haven amidst the whirlwind of excitement that is Kissimmee.

Our days were chock-full of fun, with Mickey’s not-so-scary Halloween putting a big grin on the kiddos’ faces and the thrill rides at Universal making our hearts race. Every day was a page out of a colorful comic book, filled with laughter, screams of excitement, and endless memories captured in photos and etched in our hearts. Though the week zipped by faster than a superhero on a mission, the fun meter hit the roof and left us with stories that’ll tickle our hearts for years to come.

Now, while the fam was soaking up the Florida sun, the website was up for some sunshine too! I switched our hosting providers to give this little toy hub a fresh breath of digital air. Though the site played peek-a-boo for a short 15 minutes during the switch, it’s now back up, stronger and faster. The change did have me on my toes for a couple of days, ensuring every toy story and image was snug and secure in its new digital abode.

But wait, there’s more! Amidst the hosting hoopla, my brain gears were churning for something exciting. Drum roll, please… I’ve been piecing together a brand new ‘Sell and Buy’ toy section for our community! It’s still under wraps but will be unwrapped soon, ready for all you toy traders and collectors to dive in. I’m thrilled about what’s coming and can’t wait to share it with you all.

Omega Red Returns

Now, let’s hit the nostalgia button. Growing up, comics were my escape to realms where heroes and villains danced in an endless tango. The late 80’s and early 90’s were the golden era, with X-men leading the charge in my comic adventures. Among the entourage of villains, Omega Red, with his menacing tentacles and Russian mystique, always stood out.

X-men Vol.2 #7

Guess what? The toy gods have smiled upon us, as Mondo unleashed the stupendous X-MEN: THE ANIMATED SERIES – Omega Red 1/6 Scale Limited Edition figure! It’s like a trip down memory lane, with Omega Red springing from the pages of the comics into the 3D realm. This figure is a nostalgic nod to Omega Red’s depiction in the Fox Kids Show, sprinkled with the iconic essence of Jim Lee’s X-men artistry from the early 90’s.

Mondo continues to dish out nostalgic gems, adding more stars to its X-men animated figures lineup. If you’ve got a spare $225, this figure is a keeper, a tangible slice of the epic X-men saga.

Let’s unwrap the box and peek inside:

  • Omega Red comes with three swappable faces – angry, smiling, and neutral. Because hey, even a baddie has emotions!
  • Two sets of bendable tentacles, ready to twirl and whirl in sinister style.
  • A variety of hands and fists, poised to strike fear into the hearts of action figures far and wide.

So, as the sun sets on our Florida escapade and rises on exciting new additions to the website and our toy collection, the journey marches on. From whimsical adventures to menacing villains in toy form, the beat of toy love drums on. Stick around for more updates, especially on the upcoming Sell and Buy section. Until then, let the toy tales continue and the collector spirit soar!

The figure is currently available on the following link Omega Red.

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