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All Hail the American Nightmare: Cody Rhodes Wrestling Figure Review

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All Hail the American Nightmare: A Closer Look at the new AEW Unrivaled Supreme Collection Cody Rhodes Wrestling Figure

Are you a fan of AEW or Jazwares action figure collectibles? If so, you’re going to love our next review. The AEW Unrivaled Supreme Collection Cody Rhodes figure! In this article, we’ll take a closer look at this figure’s features and accessories, compare it to previous Unrivaled Collection Cody figures, and give our final thoughts on whether it’s worth adding to your collection.

Introducing the AEW Unrivaled Supreme Collection Cody Rhodes Wrestling Figure

This Cody Rhodes wrestling figure is part of the Unrivaled Supreme series that features two different ring gear/attire for each wrestler. The figure comes in packaging that showcases Cody’s red/gold wrestling gear and interchangeable arms on the left side, while showing off extra accessories on the right. Dead center is Cody in his blue wrestling gear and his ultra detailed entrance robe. On the side of the packaging you’ll find the series number “01” written below. This marks Cody Rhodes as the first for this Unrivaled Supreme series.

Out of the box, the figure looks impressive, with a high level of detail and an accurate likeness to Cody Rhodes. However, some aspects of the figure’s sculpt could have been a little better.

Accessories Included with the Cody Rhodes Figure

One of the standout features of the AEW Unrivaled Supreme Collection wrestling figures is the accessories they come with. The Cody Rhodes figure, in particular, comes with three interchangeable head sculpts, including two smiling head, sculpts and a yelling expression head sculpt. The action figure also comes with interchangeable hands, which is always a plus, especially for collectors like me who like to pose their action figures in different positions. Additionally, this package includes a t-shirt with the Cody Rhodes American skull logo, and on the back, a Dynamite Grand Slam picture of Cody with his signature.

Comparing the Unrivaled Supreme Collection Cody Figures

As mentioned above, this Unrivaled Supreme Collection Cody Rhodes wrestling figure features a new shirt with the Cody Rhodes American skull logo and interchangeable arms. However, some fans may find the action figure to be a simple repaint, and the head sculpts are not as good as prior releases. It’s worth noting that AEW has released four Cody Rhodes figures so far, with the first two figures featuring different gear and the third figure is a Walmart exclusive of this exact figure.

The Walmart Exclusive figure is different in a couple of minor ways. First off it is numbered 1B. The t-shirt has an alternate design as well as one of the belts. The belt is black instead of the white belt you received in this package. The image of Cody on the back of the package is also slightly different. Beyond those minor differences, the figures are exactly the same.

Unboxing and Review of the Cody Rhodes Unrivaled Supreme Collection Figure

The Cody Rhodes Supreme Collection wrestling figure stands 6.5 inches tall and comes with several accessories and interchangeable parts. The figure has three different head sculpts, each with a unique expression, and all well-sculpted with painted-on eyes and great facial details. I especially like the opened mouth sculpt. The figure also comes with two different belts, one with the American Dream logo and the other with the American Nightmare logo, both of which are well-sculpted and painted.

The wrestling figure also includes an AEW microphone, three pairs of interchangeable hands, and a black velcro t-shirt with the American Nightmare Cody Rhodes logo design. One of the coolest features of the Supreme Collection is the entrance jacket, which comes with interchangeable arms. The jacket itself is well-sculpted with vibrant colors. The multi-layered aspect of it makes it pop. It is the stand-out for this wrestling figure!

It was a pleasure posing this figure, and with Cody now under a WWE contract, he is perfectly at home in my WWE wrestling ring as shown in the pictures above.


  • High level of detail and accurate likeness to Cody Rhodes
  • Multiple accessories and interchangeable parts
  • Unique entrance jacket with interchangeable arms
  • Vibrant colors and well-sculpted gear


  • The head sculpts could have been better
  • Some fans may find the figure to be a simple repaint of previous Cody figures.

Highly Recommended

Overall, we were impressed with the attention to detail in the sculpting and painting, and we loved the interchangeable parts and accessories. The entrance jacket and interchangeable arms were a particularly nice touch. While the figure may not be as well-sculpted as some other figures in the AEW Unrivaled line, it’s still an excellent figure worth adding to your collection.

AEW Supreme Collection Cody Rhodes Wrestling Figure is available at RingSide Collectibles

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