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Cobra Vipers 3 pack #47

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We finally get a Cobra Vipers Army Builder Pack!

No plastic packaging

We begin with the box itself. This is some of the best box art I have seen in a long time. Hasbro is pulling out all the stops to try and get us, consumers, to adopt this no-plastic packaging initiative. Unfortunately, this is my first gripe. Unboxing these figures was extremely unsatisfying. It felt, dare I say it, cheap. Not a good sign when paying upwards of a hundred and thirty dollars here in Canada.

Displaying the Cobra Vipers was hard

Going forward, it doesn’t get much better. I feel like Hasbro is beginning to cut corners. I don’t know. They don’t feel as nice as the Vipers I got in the single box. They are stiff. Like I am going to bust this joint stiff. The weapons are super frustrating to get in hand. And even when you get them in right, they tend to pop out while posing.

Yes, let’s talk about posing. I had a  hell of a time posing these figures. And I have posed a ton of figures. Once you get them in the pose you want. Don’t touch them!

Both hands are the same. With trigger fingers at the ready. Why does this suck? Well, take a look at the figures at the back of the box. Good luck trying to get your viper to hold the gun with 2 hands as they have theirs. (After some warm water this was easier to do)

Great Acessories!

On the bright side, the amount of weapons is nice. A total of 3 guns a sniper rifle and 4 automatics. A mess of special effects like muzzle flashes and smoke. 3 goggles and 3 backpacks.


  • Box art is really good
  • Comes with a good amount of weapons
  • Weapon effects!
  • The figures look good


  • The unboxing seems cheap
  • Figures are really difficult to pose
  • Attaching some of the weapons is really frustrating
  • Goggles need a sweet spot to stay on
  • Little movement on the heads
  • Too expensive

In conclusion, the Cobra Vipers 3 pack is a powerful way to add some of the most iconic characters from G.I. Joe into your collection. With their unique weapons, armor, and special accessories, these figures are sure to be an exciting addition for any fan of the franchise. Not only can you display them proudly in your home or office but they make great gifts for others as well! So if you’re looking to upgrade your G.I. Joe collection, then the Cobra Vipers 3 pack is definitely worth considering! Get yours today and start building those memories that will last a lifetime!

Update: I spent some more time posing these figures today. Heated up some water and warmed up the areas that were stiff. Heated up the hands as well and posed the fingers the way I wanted. Made things a lot easier! Super happy with the results. New images in the next few days.

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