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Marvel Legends Moon Knight & Mr. Knight

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It looks like Hasbro’s delays are a thing of the past. I have recently been receiving figures on a weekly basis for the past month. Faster than I can unbox and review them to be honest. But today, I am unboxing the Marvel Legends Moon Knight and Mr. Knight action figures.

The characters

Based on the Marvel Comics character and Disney+ series of the same name. One of the better Disney+ series to come out lately.  And worth the popcorn and binge. Oscar Isaac is phenomenal. Reminds me of a young Ed Norton in Fight Club. Watch the series and you’ll see why the comparison fits.

The Action Figures

Nice to see the plastic packaging again. The first impression is, the action figures look pretty damn close to the 3D renders shared by Hasbro on the solicitation. The packaging itself is what we have come to expect from your standard Marvel Legends figures. Nothing to write home about here. It’s funny because the new no-plastic boxes we have been getting lately have been outstanding when it comes to the box art. Seeing the standard packaging again does seem a little dull in comparison.For both action figures, you see the figure itself and its accessories. With Mr. Knight, you get the bonus Ultron build-a-figure piece. The back of the package gives you a promo shot from the Disney+ series, a short bio, and images of the lineup included in this line. The 2 Moon Knight figures, Ms. Marvel, She-Hulk, Kate Bishop, Hawkeye, and Sharon Carter.Makes you wonder why they decided to pack Ultron as a build-a-figure in this line rather than the “What if” line where they give us Khonshu. I know it’s a marketing ploy to get both lines if you are chasing to complete either. This is Hasbro at its worst. Let the figures or waves sell on their own merit. I know you think you are being clever Hasbro. But to us collectors, it comes off as petty and desperate.

Unboxing Moon Knight and Mr. Knight

Onto unboxing. First, let’s look at the Mr. Knight action figure. This figure is going to hit you right away with the lack of color. And I know, it’s representative of the source material.  But getting it in hand, it just seems a little underwhelming. The few splashes of color in the eyes and vest buttons do help. The details in the 3 piece suit are washed out unless you hit it with the right light. A light wash may have pulled some of that detail out. And it appears that in some of the parts, the whites aren’t matching. That is a little disappointing.Mr, Knight comes with 2 alternate hands and 2 fighting sticks. You’ll have to fill me in on what those are called. As well as Ultron’s right arm.The articulation is your standard Marvel Legends fare. Except they are showing off the pinless double joints in the knees. On a figure that is all white, this is a welcomed feature. Ball joint and hinge in the head, ball and hinge joint in the shoulder, bicep swivel, double hinge joints in the elbows and knees, and ankle hinge and rocker for the feet. No torso articulation at all which is slightly disappointing.Moving onto Moon Knight. Moon Knight is the better figure by far. No build-a-figure piece with this one. And why would you need one? This figure will sell without it. It’s outstanding. No color-match issues here at all. Whereas Mr. Knight was white, Moon Knight is done in an off-white. And I like it so much better. The details pop just that little bit more. With that said, it’s a shame a wash wasn’t applied. There is a lot of detail to admire here. The kind that gets lost at a distance. Under the right lighting though, Woah, killer stuff. The touch of gold does give it a nice regal look. Accessories come with 2 open hands to hold the 2 provided Cresent Blades.

Moon Knight and Mr Knight Articulation

On the articulation side of things, it is much the same as the Mr. knight figure. Some limitations are because of the cowl and cape.

Again, ball and hinge for the head, ball and hinge for the shoulder, bicep rotation, double jointed pinless elbows, swivel and hinge for the hands,  pinless knees, ankle hinge, and rocker for the feet. And surprise, it does come with a diaphragm joint too. Which is a nice feature not seen on Mr. Knight. Overall I like the articulation on Moon Knight. Posing with this figure is going to be a treat.Mr. Knight Pros

  • Good looking figure
  • Ultron Right Arm
  • Overall design matches Disney+ series


  • color matching is off
  • lose some of the detail
  • missing articulated torso
  • packaging is just ok
  • Joints are stiff!

Moon Knight Pros

  • Great looking figure
  • Details are superb
  • Articulation is top notch


  • packaging is ok
  • cowl and cape can get in the way

Honestly, if it wasn’t for the build-a-figure, I could have passed on Mr.Knight. But Moon Knight is great and worth the buy.  I really like the design, the articulation, and the posing possibilities. If you are a Moon Knight fan, don’t pass on this one.

If you’re interested, both figures are available at the following locations:

Hasbro Pulse

Product(s) available here!

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