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Mattel Ultimate Edition WWE Wrestling Arena

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Mattel Ultimate Edition New Generation WWE Wrestling Arena Video Transcript:

Today’s episode features our new website launch, the Mattel Creations Ultimate Edition New Generation WWE Wrestling Arena, and our first giveaway contest! Stay tuned until the end of the video to see how you can enter.

Welcome back, friends!

Let’s start this video off with some pretty big news, I am happy to announce the launch of our new website! ToyBeast.ca. Yes, you heard that right!

The website features sections on ToyNews, 3D printing for Action Figures, Draw like a Beast – Drawing Tutorials, Unboxings, and Toy Photography. The site is fairly new but growing rapidly!

The Toy News section covers new releases, pre-orders, and rumors. Pretty much anything toy related is covered here.

Under 3D printing, we share original ToyBeast projects, print files, decals, instructions, and so forth. The projects are 100% original ToyBeast-created! Only available on our website! So, make sure to register for the ability to download. It’s free! It will be a great resource if you are just getting into 3D printing or looking for some cool accessories for your 1/12th-scale action figures! A few projects are already on the site, check them out.

The Draw Like a Beast section shares basic drawing tutorials for would-be artists. Learn to draw hands, and heads, or learn about perspective. I will be posting new tutorials monthly!

The Unboxings section features figure/toy unboxing. Anything from just released to vintage toys. I will be giving an honest run down of each toy. Let you know the good, the bad, and the downright ugly. A good resource for collectors.

The Toy Photography section is pretty self-explanatory, just a place to share toy photography. It will feature ToyBeast’s latest diorama builds, new 3D print pieces, toys and figures, and I am hoping to open it up to subscribers as well. This will be a fun community-based area!

It has been a lot of work to put it together but I hope you all enjoy it!

Next is our Mattel Creations Ultimate Edition New Generation WWE Arena Unboxing.

About a month ago I received the WWE Wrestling Ring by Mattel Creations, I’ve been wanting to unbox this for a while, So I figured, why not do it here?

Mattel Ultimate Edition New Generation WWE Arena Unboxing…

The Mattel Creations Ultimate Edition New Generation WWE wrestling Arena was offered as a crowdfund mid-summer of 2021. They were recently shipped out in Late September of this year.

Taking a look at the box, your standard fair. Small Mattel Creations logo up top, Big Led W wraps around the front and sides, and some cool toy photography on the back including images of what is included in the box.

Opening the box, everything looks very nicely laid out. Pulling things out of the box was pretty satisfying.

The first thing to come out of the box is the LED stage entrance. It’s big! About 2 and a half times the size of your standard WWE wrestling figure. Measuring 17 and a quarter inches from top to bottom.

Next, we pull out the first of 2 stadium cardboard backdrops. Revealing the Doink and Deisel underneath, Deisel was always part of the campaign from the start but Doink was added as a unlock at 7000 backers. Taking the rest out of the box we can see everything that’s included.

Both backdrops, the stage entrance, the figures, the ring skirts including the extra skirts unlocked at 8000 backers, the instructions, and the ring pieces themselves.

Alright let’s put this thing together, Instructions look pretty simple, and most pieces snap together. You build up the frame first. I’d have to say, the Mattel team did a good job on this one. After you get the frame together you put the plastic wood-grained boards in…these are a nice touch but you won’t be seeing that grain pattern ever again unless you plan on taking this ring apart in the future. Again they snap in place pretty easily.

WWE Wrestling Arena, Halfway there

Time to add the ring apron. Notches on each side made this an easy job as well. We do this to every side. So far this thing is coming together quite simply. Now we add the ring supports. You get 2 sets, a shorter set for the outside and a longer set for the inside. Snap-in nicely. We flip it over to reveal the top of the ring. Looking pretty good so far.

Let’s add the ring posts. Snap snap snap. Love the ease of this build. Time for the side skirts. The box comes with 3 different variations. I decided to go with the WrestleMania side skirts. You just stretch the elastic band connected to the corners of the side skits and pull them over and down the ring posts. Again we do this for all sides.

Moving onto the ring ropes. The turnbuckles look really nice, one of my favorite parts of this wrestling ring. They are soft to the touch, made out of fabric with a nice WWE wrestling logo on each. Again, attaching these was a breeze. Damn, that looks good! We add the ring steps, and lastly, they gave us a couple of plastic feet for the back of the stage entrance. There we go, complete!

The build took about 15 min. And again, props to the designers at Mattel. This was one of the easiest builds I have ever done.

The Stage Entrance

Let’s check out the LED entrance. As I mentioned before, it’s huge. It has 7 different settings! An on-off switch at the back and a button to go through each setting. The LEDs are nice and bright! It makes for a great display. Certainly a highlight of this set.

Is it worth it?

Ok, so the obvious question is, was it worth $250 American? It depends on how much of a Wrestling fan you are. Without the extra figures, no not at all. But with the inclusion of the figures, and the led stage entrance it makes it a decent buy. As a collector’s piece, sure it’s totally worth it.

I do appreciate the cardboard fan backdrops, but it only entices me to go out and get the Extreme Sets Arena pop-up Diorama. Which I think I will do soon after this video. As for Doink and Deisel, I will save those for another video. But here is a montage of some wrestlers in the ring!


  • Extremely easy build
  • WWE Wrestling Ring looks fantastic!
  • The details are the best I have ever seen for a 1/12-scale wrestling ring
  • The led stage entrance is great
  • Size is phenomenal
  • It comes with 2 extra figures
  • Extra ring skirts


  • Was only available as a Crowd Fund
  • Backdrops come across as cheap
  • Cost

If you are one of the lucky ones to have ordered this, enjoy it! it is a really nice piece. If you want one, good luck on your hunt. I think it is being offered on eBay for 3 times what it went for when it was originally funded.

The Contest!

And as promised, we are having our first giveaway contest. We have a brand new-in-box, never opened GI Joe classified Gung Ho action figure to give away! If you want to get this bad boy you need to do a couple of things.

First off, like this video and subscribe to the channel, next go to our brand-new website and look for this little guy. He randomly pops up over articles, so keep a sharp eye. When you find him click on him to get to the contest form. Once I reach 100 subs on this channel, I will randomly choose one lucky winner and send them Gung Ho! Sound good? I hope it does because if this contest is a success, expect many more contests in the future. I am already planning to give away my very own Haslab Sentinal at the 100k subscriber mark. That will be an amazing giveaway… Let’s see how long it takes us to get there.

Well, that raps up another episode of ToyBeast. Please check the website often as I make an effort to post there 3 times a week!

I’ve added links to the ToyBeast Instagram, Facebook Group, and Subreddit. Feel free to follow us on each platform. Good luck to everyone and like always, stay safe!

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