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Neca Ultimate Battle Damaged RoboCop with Chair Review

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RoboCop ‘Dead or Alive you are coming with me’

Neca has created an impressive action figure of RoboCop that accurately reflects the character from the classic movie. The sculpting of the figure is incredibly lifelike and the paint job is outstanding. What’s more, Neca has included a variety of accessories with the figure, such as two different head sculpts, one with helmet and visor and one without, life-like battle damage details, his classic pistol with shooting effects, and an interchangeable hand with data spike. And to top it off, Neca has also included a diagnostic chair with the figure. While the figure looks great, they could use some improvement in terms of articulation points to make them more poseable. Nevertheless, Neca’s RoboCop figures are still a must-have for all fans of the movie.

Neca’s Attention to Detail.

Neca has earned immense praise from fans for its outstanding attention to detail across all lines of figures they produce. After a long wait, Neca has succeeded in crafting a figure with an incredibly realistic likeness to Peter Weller. Getting permission for his likeness wasn’t an easy task either. But here it is in great detail. Each element of the figure, from the sculpting to the paint job, has been carefully considered for its accuracy and lifelikeness to the source material. Moreover, the accessories that accompany the figure are varied and plentiful, providing fans with ample opportunities to customize and play with their figures.

The inclusion of the diagnostic chair further brings the iconic RoboCop character to life. Neca’s craftsmanship is unquestionable, and their RoboCop figures are sure to become a classic among action figure collectors.

RoboCop Diagnostic Chair.

Neca’s has produced a number of RoboCop action figures, including ED 209! They have captivated fans with their incredible level of detail. The battle-damaged RoboCop is no exception. From the highly-detailed sculpting and paint job to the variety of accessories, Neca has truly outdone itself.

The star of the show is the diagnostic chair, a perfect replica of the one from the movie. Highly detailed, the chair features a control panel with a variety of buttons and knobs, as well as a monitor arm with a monitor and speaker that can be moved up and down. It also has wheels so it can be moved around and positioned in different ways. The inclusion of this chair helps bring the character of RoboCop to life in a way that wouldn’t be possible without it, and it is no wonder that these figures have been so well-received by fans. Neca’s attention to detail is surely the reason why this action figure niche has become so popular.

Better Articulation.

Neca’s RoboCop action figures have been a hit with fans, yet there is room for improvement – the articulation. The figures feature basic articulation points, but they could be even better with more points of articulation, like jointed elbows, knees, and ankles, to give them greater flexibility in play or display.

For an even bigger upgrade, Neca should consider adding ball joints to the figures. With these joints, the range of movement and poses is increased dramatically, with a more natural, lifelike look. Improving the articulation of Neca’s RoboCop action figures would be a great way to make them even more appealing to fans of the movie and really stand out in the action figure niche. With more articulation points, the figures could achieve a greater range of dynamic poses and movements, making them even more desirable.

Achieving Classic Status: Neca’s RoboCop Action Figures.

Neca has certainly outdone itself with its RoboCop Battle Damaged action figure! Not only is it incredibly lifelike and a spot-on likeness to Peter Weller, but they also come with a variety of accessories and a really cool diagnostic chair, giving fans the ability to customize their figures in all sorts of ways. Plus, they look great just as they are- what more could you ask for in an action figure? However, Neca could look into improving the articulation points of their figures to make them even more poseable and desirable – just think of how cool those poses would look! All in all, Neca’s RoboCop figures have earned their place in the action figure niche and will no doubt be cherished by fans for years to come!

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