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Marvel Legends

Vroom or Doom? Ramen Racer’s Answer to Hasbro’s Controversial Release!

Engine of Vengeance, Déjà vu Greetings, toy collectors and ghostly riders of the night! Remember the fiasco surrounding Hasbro’s Ghost Rider “Engine of Vengeance”? No? Well, cast your minds back to the trials and tribulations of Hasbro’s Haslab adventure. The rollercoaster of emotions. The passionate divide over pricing – which many thought soared higher than […]

From Westview to New York: Hasbro’s Marvel Cinematic Universe Revealed!

Hasbro Pulse has rolled out the red carpet for their new Disney+ series line of Marvel Legends figures! Now, don’t go looking for Goofy or Donald Duck here – we’re diving deep into the Marvel universe. From the star-studded ‘Secret Invasion’ with none other than Samuel L. Jackson (does he age?) to the spellbinding ‘WandaVision’, […]

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