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Sweep the Leg, Johnny! : Diamond Select’s New Cobra Kai Deluxe Figures

The ‘Cobra Kai’ Phenomenon Get ready to bow to your sensei, Netflix’s ‘Cobra Kai’ has crane-kicked its way to smashing success, sending the franchise’s dojo meter to an all-time high. It’s got the punch of the original and an unapologetic sense that makes it feel fresh and inviting. So, while we’re here eagerly mimicking Mr. […]

From Shadows to Shelves: The Rise of Operation: Monster Force Figures

When Nightmares Come to Life: The Magic of Operation: Monster Force Not too long ago, we were introduced to the jaw-dropping figures of Declan Van Helsing, Count Dracula, The Forgotten King, and their eclectic mix of comrades. Each was a masterclass in design, with accessories that left us all but drooling. Combining those with our […]

The Next Big Thing: McFarlane Toy’s Dark Knights of Steel Release!

Brace yourselves, toy enthusiasts and DC aficionados! Picture this: A world where Jor-El and Lara barely escape Krypton’s apocalyptic end, only to crash land on an Earth that’s more Game of Thrones than Gotham. Knights, castles, and… heat vision? Oh, and did we mention a prophecy about world-conquering demons? Well, that’s the thrilling backdrop of […]

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