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A Christmas Memory: The USS Flagg

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Author: ToyBeast
Posted 6 months ago

In the world of collectibles, the USS Flagg remains a legend – a reminder of the days when toys were larger than life, and our imaginations even more so. And who knows, maybe one day, I’ll finally add it to my collection, fulfilling a decades-old dream.

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Kickoff: The Dawn of a Big Dream Update: This article was written 3 hours prior to the end of the HasLab crowdfund, In a surprising turn of events, the project not only funded but got 13,889 Backers! That’s incredible! Congrats go to all the Marvel fans who backed this. The date was September 8, 2023, […]

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Rewind to ’92: Batman, The Animated Series Brilliance Ah, let’s journey back to the days of dial-up and slap bracelets! In 1992, Fox Kids unveiled what would become an iconic gem in the realm of animation: “Batman: The Animated Series.” This wasn’t your run-of-the-mill Saturday morning cartoon. No, it brought a unique blend of striking […]

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Introducing Lady Slither The Sss-sensational Addition to Masters of the Universe Origins! Let’s shed some skin and reveal the long-awaited queen of the Snake Men! With the ability to transform the lower half of her body into a slithery serpent, Lady Slither is here to weave her way (and by “weave”, we mean “slither”) into […]

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Between Desire and Reality As I sit here, fingers poised over the keyboard, there’s a weight in my heart about not supporting the Ghost HasLab project in the next 12 hours. It’s not a decision I’ve made lightly. Hasbro, with its brilliant marketing strategies, often feels like a Jedi using a mind trick to get […]

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