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Calling All Star Wars Enthusiasts: Back the Spectacular Ghost Starship from HasLab and Relive the Thrills of the Galaxy!

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Author: ToyBeast
Posted 9 months ago
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Attention, Star Wars fans! Hasbro’s HasLab is rolling out a masterpiece that is sure to hit the sweet spot for both collectors and childhood enthusiasts alike. They’re introducing the highly coveted Ghost starship, inspired by the upcoming Star Wars: Ahsoka. This is no ordinary ship; it’s a symbol of the Rebel Alliance’s origins, resilience, found family, and most importantly, hope.

In the wake of the Empire’s fall, our beloved Ahsoka Tano undertakes a mission to protect a vulnerable galaxy. In doing so, she joins forces with old allies who once knew her as “Fulcrum”. Their journey is set to unfold aboard the Ghost – the starship that the Spectre crew once proudly called home.

The Ghost, the largest starship Hasbro has crafted since Jabba’s Sail Barge, is a stunning spectacle. Spanning over 28 inches by 34 inches and standing over 13 inches tall, it can house a staggering 15 figures. It’s more than just a ship, it’s an embodiment of Star Wars lore that promises to captivate fans.

Hasbro has outfitted the Ghost with an impressive range of features:

  • An inviting front ramp and detachable landing gear
  • Several removable panels for enhanced interior access and play
  • A nose turret complete with a removable canopy
  • A 360-degree dorsal laser cannon turret, true to its signature style
  • A docking bay designed to accommodate the Phantom II perfectly
  • Detailed exterior paint and transparent window bubbles for a closer look into the action

Once you step into the Ghost, you’ll find:

  • A spacious main cockpit with seating for four
  • A nose turret with seating for a lone pilot
  • Comfortable crew quarters fitted with bunk beds
  • The Captain’s quarters with a single bed
  • A homely galley and lounge with seating, a game table, and a dining table

The Ghost offers limitless storytelling opportunities. It’s easy to envision characters forming bonds over shared meals in the galley, or navigating through the galaxy in the cockpit. It’s truly an immersive experience!

One can’t help but be excited about the prospect of General Hera Syndulla, the heart of the Ghost crew, at the helm of this ship. Should the project reach its funding goal, Hasbro plans to include an exclusive Star Wars Rebels™ carded 3.75-inch-scale figure of Hera. She comes with her own meiloorun fruit, Kalikori totem, and blaster, ready for any challenges that come her way.

Also included is the Phantom II – the ship’s very own fully-armed starfighter. It comes with seating for one figure, operational landing gear, and a unique removable mini bust of Chopper.

For the cherry on top, The Vintage Collection Ghost vehicle pays homage to the original 1970s and 1980s Star Wars collectibles with its Kenner branding and package design. It’s a nostalgic display piece that will captivate every Star Wars fan.

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