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From Westview to New York: Hasbro’s Marvel Cinematic Universe Revealed!

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Author: ToyBeast
Posted 1 month ago
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Hasbro Pulse has rolled out the red carpet for their new Disney+ series line of Marvel Legends figures! Now, don’t go looking for Goofy or Donald Duck here – we’re diving deep into the Marvel universe. From the star-studded ‘Secret Invasion’ with none other than Samuel L. Jackson (does he age?) to the spellbinding ‘WandaVision’, and let’s not forget the thought-provoking ‘What If’. Personally? ‘What If’ is my top pick – I mean, what if I had a six-pack, right? But I digress! On deck for pre-order at HasbroPulse are these legends: Agatha Harkness (she’s up to no good, as always), Kingpin (nope, not the bowling kind), Goliath (big on personality, trust me), Nick Fury (with 100% more eye-patch action), Talos, Warrior Gamora, and Yelena Belova.

First up on the Marvelous runway: the enchanting Sorceress Agatha Harkness! Oh, she had a little falling out with her coven back in the day (who hasn’t, right?). In Westview, she pulled off the ultimate act, playing Wanda and Vision’s overly curious neighbor while secretly taking notes on Wanda’s formidable powers.

Ready to add a touch of magical mischief to your collection? With Hasbro’s Marvel Legends Series, you can do just that! No cauldron or spellbook needed. Dive into the 6-inch scale of the Agatha Harkness action figure, meticulously crafted to mirror her enchanting presence in Marvel Studios’ WandaVision.

The package includes The bewitching Agatha figure and 3 mystical Build-a-Figure parts.

Next, striding confidently from the dark alleys of New York City: it’s the one, the only, Wilson Fisk! Better known by his ‘weighty’ alias, Kingpin. With a cocktail of sheer ruthlessness and undeniable charisma, he’s the criminal maestro orchestrating a symphony of chaos in the Big Apple.

Make way for the big boss! This 6-inch scale Kingpin figure is not just any regular Joe from the streets. He’s detailed down to the tee, inspired by his imposing presence in Marvel Studios’ Hawkeye. Crafted with top-notch details and joints that move just as smoothly as his criminal operations.

The package serves up: The mighty Kingpin figure and 3 ‘not-so-secret’ accessories. Because behind every powerful figure, there are always accessories to match!

Following on our roster, from a universe where everything’s a tad… sideways, meet Bill Foster! This isn’t your ordinary Bill; in this twisted tale, he sets aside his grudges (and, we imagine, his love for small talk) to join the ranks of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s elite amidst an alien onslaught.

Seeking a hero who can truly ‘scale’ to any challenge? Look no further! With Hasbro’s Marvel Legends Series, say hello to Marvel’s Goliath from the intriguing Marvel Studios’ What If…? series. This 6-inch action figure isn’t just big on size, but also on detail! Articulation is so smooth, it might just make your other figures a touch envious.

In the box: The towering Goliath and 2 Build-a-Figure components.

Stepping out from the shadows and into the limelight, it’s Nick Fury! The guy who’s spent more time off the grid than your Wi-Fi on a stormy day.

In the aftermath of the Blip, Fury’s rocking a new look – let’s call it ‘Post-Blip Chic’. But fashion’s the least of his worries when he discovers Earth’s latest unwanted guests: the Skrulls.

With Hasbro’s Marvel Legends Series, you can now welcome home the one-eyed wonder himself, detailed to perfection straight from Marvel Studios’ Secret Invasion. This 6-inch action figure is packed with so much detail, it’ll make you do a double-take and wonder if it’s a Skrull in disguise!

Package contents: Our legendary Nick Fury, 7 snazzy accessories, and 1 part for Build-a-Figure.

Roll out the green carpet, because here comes Talos! He isn’t just your average Skrull-next-door; this is the warrior who’s having a bit of a… let’s call it a ‘mid-space crisis’. Torn between his duties and desires, leadership’s never looked this complicated. Or this green!

With Hasbro’s Marvel Legends Series, embrace the extraterrestrial excitement as Talos finds his way from Marvel Studios’ Secret Invasion straight into your collection. Crafted in 6 inches of sheer detail, this figure has more depth than Talos’s internal monologue!

Inside the box: The ever-pondering Talos, 3 cosmic accessories, and 1 essential part for Build-a-Figure.

Talk about a plot twist! In a universe where we thought we’d seen it all, Gamora is now swapping her deadly daggers for… a debate with Tony Stark? Iron Man meets the Most Dangerous Woman in the Galaxy – who would’ve guessed? Dive into this unexpected narrative with Hasbro’s Marvel Legends Series. This isn’t just any action figure; this is 6 inches of detailed Warrior Gamora from the imaginative Marvel Studios’ What If…? saga. It’s a clash of titans, in miniature!

The package includes: The ever-versatile Warrior Gamora, her quintessential accessory, and 2 parts that play a role in the Build-a-Figure theatre.

Revenge is a dish best served… with detailed action figures! Returning from the Blip to a world missing her sister, Yelena Belova’s mission is crystal clear: Clint Barton, it’s payback time!

Dive deep into the emotional aftermath of ‘Hawkeye’ with Hasbro’s Marvel Legends Series. Witness 6 inches of meticulous design that captures Yelena’s determination and fierceness, straight out of Marvel Studios’ Hawkeye. Remember, it’s not just a toy, it’s a tale of vengeance and valor in your very hands.

Inside the package: Yelena Belova in all her glory, 4 handy accessories for all her avenging needs, and 1 essential piece for the Build-a-Figure masterpiece.

In this grand assembly of Hasbro’s Marvel Legends Series, the line between fiction and reality blurs. Each figure is more than a collectible – it’s a testament to the intricate storytelling and character depth the Marvel Universe bestows upon us. Whether you’re an avid collector or just starting out, these figures offer both nostalgia and a taste of new adventures. So, don’t just stand there – be part of this Marvel-ous journey, one figure at a time. Here’s to legendary tales and the legends that tell them!

All figures up for preorder at Hasbro Pulse.


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