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Galactic Choices: The Collector’s Dilemma with the Ghost HasLab

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Author: ToyBeast
Posted 9 months ago
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Between Desire and Reality

As I sit here, fingers poised over the keyboard, there’s a weight in my heart about not supporting the Ghost HasLab project in the next 12 hours. It’s not a decision I’ve made lightly.

Hasbro, with its brilliant marketing strategies, often feels like a Jedi using a mind trick to get fans to part with their money. But let’s also consider the other player on the field: Disney. Could it be they’re taking a hefty cut from Hasbro’s labor of love in licensing, leading to these steep prices? When I juxtapose this with the more budget-friendly GI Joe HasLabs, the difference is as stark as Tatooine’s twin suns.

If we’re drawing up a comparison chart, the GI Joe DragonFly project stands at a welcoming $299, while the Ghost soars to a lofty $499. Now, that’s a leap even a Jedi might think twice about!

So, is the price my only deterrent? Heartbreakingly, yes. The project itself is nothing short of spectacular. It’s like they’ve captured the very essence of Star Wars universe and translated it into a tangible masterpiece. The detail is so intricate, it’s as if a full-sized version was first constructed. Though I’ve never been a loyalist to The Vintage Collection (TVC), the current figures make me wonder if I’ve been living on the dark side far too long.

Diving deeper into the Ghost’s features, it’s a fan’s paradise: meticulously designed crew quarters, 360-degree laser cannons (I mean, who wouldn’t want that?), a galley and lounge area that would make any space chef proud, and room for a whopping 15 figures! It’s like a Star Wars condo in space.

Yet, the formidable $500 price tag is my Alderaan. As a dedicated Canadian collector, the conversion brings it to a dizzying $800. Add in shipping, duties, and taxes, and we’re staring at a Death Star-sized amount of $1k.

The “Unlock the figures” saga only adds salt to the wound. It feels like a subplot where the hero is faced with yet another challenge. At a retail value of roughly $15, why not include 2 per tier? Comparing this to the benevolent offer from the GI Joe Dragonfly HasLab, it feels like the Star Wars project could have been more generous.

Despite my reservations, the force of the Star Wars fanbase is undeniable. The project was backed in less than 91 hours – talk about hyperdrive speeds! But with the clock ticking, I harbor concerns about missing the final tantalizing tier unlock. If the price had been more in reach. Let’s say $399, perhaps we’d be celebrating full-tier achievements too.

In the vast universe of collecting, choices often mirror the epic struggles depicted in the tales we adore. As I reflect on my decision, I’m reminded that every collector’s journey is both a test of will and a labor of love. While the Ghost HasLab project evokes a profound desire, sometimes the path of wisdom means letting treasures pass by. As we all continue our collecting odysseys, may we find joy in our pursuits and peace in the decisions we make. With all that said,  May the force always be with us.


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