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Gargoyles Remastered: Old Legends, New Horizons

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Author: ToyBeast
Posted 9 months ago
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Gargoyles are BACK, and They’re Remastered!

Hey, all you 90s kids who spent hours entranced by the “Gargoyles” cartoon and its epic Sega video game! You remember the stone-cold awesomeness, right? Well, clutch those nostalgia goggles tight because we’re diving into memory lane, and guess what? It’s just as rocky as before but in HD!

Gargoyles Remastered: A Timeless Flight

This isn’t just any tribute. This is like finding your favorite childhood toy in pristine condition. Remember that twisted Eye of Odin, turning innocent souls into… well, not-so-innocent monsters? Now’s your chance to stop it all over again, but this time with crisper visuals, smoother gameplay, and—dare I say it—better-looking gargoyles!

Spread your wings as Goliath, taking to the skies in a blend of ancient Scotland and modern-day Manhattan chic! (Talk about time-traveling in style!) Flex those stone muscles and glide with a finesse that would make even a falcon jealous. Save the world, because, of course, you have to. It’s the gargoyle’s way!

Music and Mechanics – A Blast from the Past:

Dive deep into that 90s ambiance with the remastered soundtrack. And for the purists among you, toggle on the classic 16-bit mode to get those old-school vibes. But that’s not all! This isn’t just a pretty makeover. Embrace modern gaming with features like instant rewind (because sometimes you just need a mulligan), widescreen adaptations, and customizable difficulty settings. Because let’s face it, we all can’t be as tough as Goliath.

The Real Showstopper: Limited Run’s Collector’s Edition

Let’s get to the crux of it. For all you Gargoyle super fans, the crown jewel has landed – the Collector’s Edition from Limited Run Games. This isn’t just any collector’s edition; this is THE Collector’s Edition.

Why, you ask?

An EXCLUSIVE NECA Goliath figurine that’s, dare I say, a monumental masterpiece in itself.
A throwback to the iconic white clamshell case, making your VHS collection blush with envy.

You don’t just play this; you showcase it! And the best part? It’s available right now! Fly (or click) your way over to Limited Run Games and cement your place as a true “Gargoyles” super fan. Your shelf space will never be the same again!

So why merely reminiscence when you can own a piece of remastered history? Secure your special place in the “Gargoyles” universe and let that nostalgia not just live in your heart, but also on your display shelf. Hustle over to Limited Run Games before they fly off the virtual shelves! After all, every 90s kid deserves their very own Goliath.


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