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HasbroPulse’s Star Wars Fanstream Highlights!

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Author: ToyBeast
Posted 9 months ago
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Get Ready to Hyperspace into Fan-Heaven: Highlights from HasbroPulse’s Star Wars Fanstream Extravaganza!

The Setting, The Excitement, The Gear!

Fellow Jedi, Sith, and all those who find themselves saying, “May the Force be with you” in everyday conversations—listen up! August 29, 2023, wasn’t just another date; it was the day HasbroPulse held their intergalactic Star Wars Fanstream. The background? Oh, just a casual tease of the Ghost HasLab project. No big deal, right? The force was strong with reveals that spanned the Ahsoka live-action series Black Series figures, Vintage and Retro Vintage lines, and more. So let’s dive in, shall we?

Retro Vintage Line: A Blast from the Past

Feeling nostalgic? HasbroPulse’s Retro Vintage line has 5-point articulation, just like the Kenner toys you begged your parents for in the ’80s. This time around, the stars include Ahsoka with soft goods and lightsabers that look like they’ve had a run-in with a Jedi tailor. Sabine Wren comes complete with a helmet and weapons because, you know, Mandalorians like their accessories. And let’s not forget the fabulous Hera Syndulla, the sassy Chopper Droid, the enigmatic Morgan Elsbeth, the arms-to-the-teeth HK-87 Droid, and Marrok, who sports a soft-goods cape and a lightsaber! I guess capes aren’t just for superheroes anymore.

Black Series: These Figures Don’t Miss

The Black Series figures are like your regular action figures, but on steroids and midi-chlorians. There’s Chopper with a thruster stand and all the trimmings, a Huyang Droid that even a Jedi Master would be proud to own, and Ezra with his unique lightsaber-blaster combo because why pick one when you can have both? Other figures include Morgan Elsbeth and Marrok with soft-goods capes that make even Lando Calrissian jealous. But wait, Marrok’s lightsaber has rust weathering. That’s right, folks. Even lightsabers have bad days.

Vintage Line & Pipeline Surprises

Question of the day: Why did they give Morgan Elsbeth a soft-goods skirt in the Vintage line but not in the Black Series? It’s a mystery more puzzling than how to win at Dejarik. Speaking of vintage, we have Hera Syndulla celebrating the line’s 300th figure. Can we get a Wookiee roar for that?

Pipeline reveals were practically popping with characters—Chopper, Jango Fett, Rex, Darth Vader, Stormtrooper, R2D2, Luke in his X-wing getup, and Princess Leia (misspelled her name last time, don’t tell the Rebellion). For the Black Series, there’s a two-pack featuring HK-47 and Jedi Revan, Momaw Nadon, R5D4, and Pit Droids. It’s like they crammed the entire Star Wars galaxy into one reveal session!

To Pre-Order or Not To Pre-Order

Already itching to throw credits at the screen? Most of these shiny new reveals are up for pre-order as we speak. And if you’re a Sabine Wren aficionado, check out the helmet with a light-up range finder available this fall. As for Ahsoka fans, there’s a Force FX lightsaber coming soon, and it’s the saber you’ve been waiting for!

Ghost News, Fresh from HasLab

If the HasLab Ghost project reaches 17,000 backers by September 6th, they’ll throw in Sabine and Chopper as a separate purchase. Because let’s face it, a Ghost ship without its colorful cast would be like a Star Destroyer without its… well, destroying capabilities.

So, there you have it! A Fanstream so packed with reveals, it makes the Mos Eisley Cantina look empty! May your wallet be with you.


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