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Author: ToyBeast
Posted 9 months ago
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Ladies and Gentlemen, gather round! Exciting things are afoot here at ToyBeast and we’ve got several riveting updates we can’t wait to share with you. Your love for toys and collectibles has driven us to develop new features on our website that are sure to make your hobby even more thrilling!

First on the marquee is our brilliant Checklist Section! A collector’s dream come true, it is currently stocked with checklists for popular collections such as GI Joe Classified, Masters of the Universe Origins, and Star Wars Black Series. We’re always on the move, adding new figures daily and planning to offer even more checklists soon, including Marvel Legends, Transformers, WWE Wrestling, Vintage GI Joe, Vintage Star Wars, McFarlane toys, and many more.

For those registered users among you, it’s an interactive treasure chest! Mark figures as owned, needed, or ordered. Not interested in a particular figure? Mark that too. Share your lists the way you like! Be it old school with a CSV, a PDF, or print. We’ve even enabled link-sharing of your list with friends and family so they can see what you have, need, or have ordered. Isn’t that a blast? Remember, this checklist feature is for registered users, so if you haven’t joined our community, step right up! It’s free!

But wait, there’s more! We are thrilled to unveil our brand-new ToyBeast Community Toy Forum! A vibrant digital parlor where you can share images, articles, thoughts, links – you name it, and where fellow toy collectors can engage in lively discourse. Key features include categorizing your posts, sorting them by new or most popular, and an easy, accessible search. And to add to the fun, we’ve tied in the posts to the ToyBeast points system.

Earn points for posting, receiving upvotes, comments, and more. And what can you do with these points? Every 100 points offers you an extra chance for our next giveaway! We’re also planning to introduce some digital goodies you can spend your points on too – imagine flaunting a GI Joe icon beside your author name! And that’s just one idea – stay tuned for more.

So step right up, folks, and become a part of one of the fastest-growing online communities out there! Your ToyBeast journey is just beginning!


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