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Masters of the Universe Origins Fang-Or Action Figure Launching August 8!

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Author: ToyBeast
Posted 10 months ago
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Brace yourselves, Masters of the Universe enthusiasts, for Mattel’s latest revelation is here to keep the adrenaline pumping in 2023! The Snake Men saga continues to unfurl with the arrival of the Masters of the Universe Origins Fang-Or Action Figure.

Meet Fang-Or, an architect for the slithering villains, first introduced in the mini-comic and brought to life by the artistic skills of Axel Gimenez. Notably, Fang-Or has the uncanny ability to detach his formidable fangs, repurposing them as lethal knives. This unique aspect has never been seen before in the MOTU Origins line.

Delve deeper into the details of the Masters of the Universe Origins™ FANG-OR™ Action Figure:

  • Marks the debut of this character in the MOTU Origins line.
  • Comes accessorized with a curved blade, wrench, and two sets of interchangeable fangs for added authenticity.
  • Stands impressively at 5.5 inches tall.
  • Features a mini-comic narrating his captivating origin story.
  • Presented in collector-friendly, sliding blister packaging for ease of display and preservation.

This exciting reveal is bound to whet the appetite of true fans. This stunning figure is all set to launch on August 8th. Prepare to add a fascinating new piece to your collection!

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