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Masters of the Universe Origins : Lady Slither

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Author: ToyBeast
Posted 2 weeks ago
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Introducing Lady Slither

The Sss-sensational Addition to Masters of the Universe Origins!

Let’s shed some skin and reveal the long-awaited queen of the Snake Men! With the ability to transform the lower half of her body into a slithery serpent, Lady Slither is here to weave her way (and by “weave”, we mean “slither”) into the Masters’ deepest, darkest nightmares. And here’s a fun fact: this venomous vixen has never been made into a figure before, making her the ultimate must-have for every MOTU collector. So, for those who’ve been ‘hiss-terically’ waiting, your snake charmer has arrived.

Masters of the Universe™ Origins Lady Slither™ Action Figure Details:

  • Debut Delight: First-ever figure of this sinuous character.
  • Accessorize with Attitude: Comes with an articulated attachable tail, a staff for those royal decrees, and a knife (probably for chopping vegetables…or not).
  • Flexible & Fabulous: With 16 points of articulation, she’s got more moves than your average dance-off contestant.
  • A Story in Every Pack: Includes a mini-comic that peels back the layers on her origin story.
  • Prestige Packaging: Wrapped up in the elite MOTU Origins box because, well, she’s the queen.

Lady Slither’s grand entrance aims to claim her throne and reign supreme over Eternia. As the latest serpent sensation in the MOTU Origins line-up, this two-legged, half-tailed terror is all about versatility – from human chic to full reptile realness.

Behind the Scales: Designed by the legendary Axel Gimenez during the Classics era, Lady Slither has been on the fan wishlist for what feels like eons. Your snake prayers have been answered as we’ve molded her into fang-tastic reality. Get her before she slithers off the shelves!


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