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Mattel Creations WWE retro figures 4-pack

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Author: ToyBeast
Posted 4 weeks ago
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Hey WWE Fans!

Guess who’s rolling out the retro red carpet? Mattel Creations, that’s who! Mark your calendars, toy lovers – this August 29th, they’re unlocking the toy vault and taking pre-orders for an ultra-special WWE Retro Figures 4-pack!

From the epic corner of Mattel Creations:

Dive back into the wrestling ring of yesteryears with these iconic Legends, decked out in their classic figure forms. Here’s who’s stepping out of the toy turnbuckle:

  • Undertaker™: Celebrating over two decades of sheer legendary status! The Demon from Death Valley’s “Deadman Drop”? It’s not just a move, it’s an opponent’s retirement plan!
  • Paul Bearer™: This isn’t your ordinary bearer of bad news! The voice behind some of WWE’s eeriest Legends, his “Cremation Crush” move serves up a signature urn—souls, be warned!
  • Vader™: More than just a masked figure, he’s the masked mayhem! With the “Vaderizer”, he’s not just throwing punches, he’s hosting a one-way flight out of the ring.
  • Jerry “The King” Lawler™: Royalty since the ’70s! “Crown Pound” isn’t just a move; it’s a royal decree. Challengers? Long live the King, but you? Not so much.

But wait, there’s more! These four superstars come individually carded, and nestled inside a decorative shipper. And if ’90s nostalgia was a visual, these packages have nailed it with their retro graphics!

So, ready to take a fun-filled trip down memory lane? Jump into the ring with us, and let’s relive the best of the WWE legends! And hey, while you’re amped up, why not register on ToyBeast for more exciting toy updates, checklists, and a community that’s just as toy-crazy as you are?

This 4-pack will be available for pre-order at Mattel Creations on Aug 29th. Mark your calendars!


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