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NECA’s Gargoyles Renaissance: Ultimate Armored David Xanatos Figure!

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Author: ToyBeast
Posted 12 months ago
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The era of the Gargoyles is upon us once more! Revered as one of the finest gothic cartoons of the 1990s, Gargoyles captivated audiences with the tale of an ancient clan of gargoyles, magically transported to the hustle and bustle of modern-day Manhattan, their journey initiated by the relocation of their Scottish castle.

This translocation is masterminded by the enigmatic billionaire businessman, David Xanatos, a man with labyrinthine intentions for his latest asset. The Ultimate Armored David Xanatos figure, beautifully recreated in all its splendor, is fully articulated, wings and all, primed to ascend to the heights of your collection.

Complete with interchangeable heads and hands, the figure equips formidable arm cannons and blast effects, ready for any conflict. Housed in collector-friendly window box packaging, it features a striking front flap that opens to reveal the figure in all its glory.

The intensity of the red color on this figure is simply stunning, underscoring the impressive detailing that NECA is renowned for. Unleash the power of the Gargoyles into your collection – preorders for this magnificent figure are open now!

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