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Ramen Toys : “The Marshal” Action Figure

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Author: ToyBeast
Posted 1 month ago
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Bringing Retro to the Future: Ramen Toys Reveals ‘The Marshal’ Action Figure

Hold onto your cowboy hats, collectors! Just when you thought you’d seen it all, Ramen Toys takes us on a galactic hoedown, revealing their stunning new action figure: ‘The Marshal.’ And for those of us who have fond memories glued to our screens watching Bravestarr, Filmation’s groundbreaking 80s cartoon, this feels like a nostalgic trip down New Texas lane.

When Ghostbusters Met the Wild West

To appreciate this gem, let’s step into our time machines for a moment. BraveStarr’s inception was as unconventional as the show itself. Initially conceptualized for Filmation’s Ghostbusters, Tex Hex – BraveStarr’s eventual adversary – was so captivating in Ghostbusters that he got his very own sci-fi western! Talk about a career upgrade. Who needs ghosts when you’ve got space outlaws, right?

BraveStarr: Where the West is Way Out There

Set in the eclectic 23rd-century desert planet of New Texas, BraveStarr blended the gun-slinging adventures of a classic western with the high-tech thrills of science fiction. And if you’re trying to remember where you’ve seen that unique mix of morality and mayhem – yes, it’s the same formula that gave us memorable episodes in other Filmation series. “The Price”, for instance, was not just your average space cowboy story. It was a poignant lesson on the dangers of drug addiction – perhaps one of the bravest narratives of its time.

The Marshal: The Bravestarr’s Detailed Doppelganger

Now, back to what you’re really here for. The Marshal action figure is nothing short of a masterpiece. Let’s break it down:

Scale and Stature: Standing tall at approximately 170mm, it’s a 1/12 scale figure that packs a punch (or a tomahawk throw)!

Articulate Artistry: Boasting over 24 points of articulation, this figure is as flexible as a yoga instructor in zero gravity.

Faces and Fashion: With two optional heads and facial expressions, you’re in for double the drama. And speaking of choices, there are two cowboy hats (including a stylish visor variant), a poncho, and two vests. Perfect for those indecisive New Texas days.

Weapons and Wares: From the classic pistol and holster combo to a tomahawk with its sheath, The Marshal is ready for any New Texas throwdown. And let’s not forget the leg guards and that uber-cool translucent shield!

Exclusive Extras: Ramen Toys don’t stop there! This collector’s dream comes with a bonus rifle, a medallion, and a pair of red crystals that merge. All these treasures are snugly packed in a collector’s window box, ensuring that The Marshal looks as dashing on display as he would in a New Texas standoff.

In conclusion, whether you’re a nostalgic 80s kid or a collector seeking the next crown jewel, Ramen Toys’ The Marshal is set to be the star of your collection. The wild west never felt so futuristic! So, while the action figure might say 23rd century, our excitement is very much 21st century (and off the charts)!

The Marshal is up for pre-order and available at Ramen Toys


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