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Retro Reimagined: Unmasking the New MASK Thunderhawk?

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Author: ToyBeast
Posted 8 months ago
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Nostalgia Alert: MASK Thunderhawk Flies Again?

Ah, the MASK Thunderhawk. Who could forget that gem from Wave 1? This wasn’t just any Chevy Camaro—it was the IROC-Z that, at a push of a button, morphed into a fighter jet. Yep, you read that right! It boasted retractable wing cannons and two concealed bombs snug under its car chassis.

Not Just a Car – It Came with Matt Trakker!

When the Thunderhawk first zoomed onto the scene, it was accompanied by the iconic Matt Trakker figure. This mini-hero donned two versions of the Spectrum mask. Now, the “short” mask variant is a hot collectible item, resembling our favorite cartoon version. Legend has it that it was redesigned due to being a “choking hazard”. Oddly enough, the “improved” version seemed more… well, choke-able. Not that we’re suggesting a taste test! On-screen, Matt sported blonde (or, let’s be real, yellow) locks, and his sleek grey and red flight suit was all the rage. And that Spectrum mask? It was every villain’s radio interference nightmare, especially VENOM’s.

Classic Reinvented: The Ramen Toy Special

Ramen Toy’s giving us all déjà vu with their revamped gullwing vehicle and figure.

THE GULLWING: More Than Just a Sports Car

  • Dimensions: Approximately 22 cm long x 9.4cm wide
  • Glossy finish that shines brighter than my future
  • Gull-wing doors, because who doesn’t want to make an entrance?
  • Intricate details: chrome wing tips, realistic tires, and adjustable seat positions.
  • And yes, it comes with its own stand. Show it off!

MADS HAWKING Action Figure – The Sidekick We Didn’t Know We Needed

  • Height: Around 7.6cm of pure action
  • Boasting 14 points of articulation, ready to strike any pose
  • That STEEL COLORED helmet isn’t just for looks—it’s removable!
  • The figure itself is a marvel, crafted to perfection

From classics reborn to new innovations, there’s always something to get excited about in the world of toys!

If you’re interested, the Gullwing is available for pre-order at Ramen Toy.


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