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Sweep the Leg, Johnny! : Diamond Select’s New Cobra Kai Deluxe Figures

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Author: ToyBeast
Posted 9 months ago
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The ‘Cobra Kai’ Phenomenon

Get ready to bow to your sensei, Netflix’s ‘Cobra Kai’ has crane-kicked its way to smashing success, sending the franchise’s dojo meter to an all-time high. It’s got the punch of the original and an unapologetic sense that makes it feel fresh and inviting. So, while we’re here eagerly mimicking Mr. Miyagi’s ‘wax on, wax off’ routine in anticipation of Season 6, Diamond Select delivers a power-packed combo move for collectors everywhere!

Unveiling Series 2: Diamond Select’s Masterpieces

Unsheathing from Diamond Select Toys’ arsenal is Series 2 of the deluxe action figures inspired by ‘Cobra Kai’. Enter the dojo, and who do you find? The poised Miyagi-Do sensei, Chozen, and the crafty Cobra Kai sensei, Terry Silver. And, who could overlook Johnny Lawrence? That man’s swagger in his resplendent red Eagle Fang Karate gi is enough to make anyone rethink their wardrobe choices. Each figure is not only teeming with over 16 points of articulation (seriously, they could give a real Karate master a run for their money), but they also come with interchangeable hands, ready for any dojo duel. Nestled in a beautifully designed full-color window box, they’re set to strike a pose on your display stand.

The Curious Case of Missing Daniel San

Looking at these masterfully crafted figures, the level of detail is staggering – their likenesses are as uncanny as the never-aging Macchio. But a quick sidebar with Diamond Select – where in the All-Valley Tournament is Daniel San? Maybe he’s off-perfecting that mythical crane kick? We’re on the edge of our mats, hoping for a big reveal.

Did You Know? Karate Kid Trivia

  • Ralph Macchio was 22 when he played the 16-year-old Daniel LaRusso in the original ‘Karate Kid’. Talk about a timeless teenager!
  • The iconic crane kick? Legend has it, it’s not a real karate move! Though, try telling that to Johnny’s face.
  • The song “You’re the best around” was initially written for the movie Rocky but was later replaced by “Eye of the Tiger” and then repurposed for the Karate Kid.

In Miyagi We Trust

Stay tuned and keep those gi’s crisp. Remember: while the path of karate is long and winding, the journey of a collector is just as thrilling. And in the words of Mr. Miyagi, ‘First, learn stand, then learn fly.’ Here’s to our collections taking flight!

You can find the figures for pre-order at Diamond Select


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